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2016 Dec 1Z0-531 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which three statements are true about multiple hierarchies in ASO?

A. First hierarchy must be stored.

B. Multiple hierarchies must be enabled by dimension.

C. First hierarchy must be dynamic.

D. All alternate hierarchies must be dynamic.

E. Alternate hierarchies may be either dynamic or stored.

Answer: ABE

Q12. Which two statements are true (assuming data is loaded to a BSO database and to the members noted below)?

A. If you delete a sparse shared member, the outline file shrinks.

B. If you delete a sparse shared member, the page file shrinks.

C. If you delete a sparse stored member, the index file shrinks.

D. If you delete a sparse stored member, the block density shrinks.

E. If you delete a dense shared member, the block size shrinks.

F. If you delete a dense stored member, the number of blocks shrinks

Answer: CF

Q13. Which six files are involved in database recovery for block storage option after a database crash?

A. Essn.pag ­ data

B. Essn.ind ­ index

C. Essn.dat

D. Temp.dat

E. Dbname.esm – kernel file that contains control information for db recovery

F. Dbname.tct – transaction control table

G. Dbname.ind – free fragment file for data and index free fragments

H. DBname.otl

I. Metadata folder

Answer: ABEFGH

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Q14. Identify the true statement about the data cache.

A. Data cache contains compressed data blocks

B. Data cache contains uncompressed data blocks

C. Data cache contains compressed index entries

D. Data cache contains uncompressed index entries

Answer: B

Q15. In Essbase, security can be managed in_______.

A. Shared Services

B. Administration Services

C. Essbase Studio

D. Shared Services or Administration Services

E. All of the above

Answer: D

Q16. The following objects are considered metadata in Essbase studio except for which two?

A. Dimensional element

B. Hierarchy

C. Cube Schema

D. Metaoutline

E. Essbase Model

F. Metamodel

Answer: EF

Certified 1Z0-531 Q&A:

Q17. In Essbase 11.1.1, what are two possible ways to calculate Period to Date values in ASO?

A. Enable Dynamic Time Series

B. Analytic dimension with member formulas to calculate period to date values

C. Alternate hierarchy in Time dimension to rollup period to date values

D. Create a Date Time dimension

Answer: BC

Q18. Identify the two true statements about data loads to ASO and BSO databases.

A. Data can only be loaded to level 0 members in ASO database where BSO allows data loads to upper level members.

B. Cells at all levels can be loaded (except Dynamic Calc members) for both ASO and BSO.

C. After an ASO data load, no further calculation is required.

D. Concurrent loads are supported for both ASO and BSO

Answer: AC

Q19. Which two valid field headers could be assigned to the 5th column in this data file?

Duplicate Member Names is not enabled.

A. Alias

B. Attribute

C. Generation-4


E. Property

Answer: AC

Q20. Moving a stored entity member in a sparse dimension causes_________.

A. a Full restructure

B. an Index restructure

C. an Outline restructure

D. No restructure

Answer: B

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