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Exam Code: 1Z0-807 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Java Enterprise Edition 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3)
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2016 Jun 1Z0-807 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. You are integrating with a single legacy Enterprise Information System. You are interested in the transaction management capabilities of Java Connector Architecture. This new system needs the capability to invoke multiple operations against this single legacy system. these operations succeeded together or fail together as a group.

To which minimum level of transaction management do you set your resource adapter?

A. No transaction

B. Local transaction

C. Distributed transaction

D. Container-managed transaction

Answer: B

Q12. During a security audit, it is noted that your application is vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks.

Which two action would you perform to address this vulnerability?

A. Use parameterized stored procedures with the embedded parameters.

B. Add a text input validation filter to check user-supplied data.

C. Configure user permissions in the deployment descriptor.

D. Configure security roles in the deployment descriptor.

E. Deploy the Internet facing nodes in a well defined demilitarized zone (DMZ) layer.

F. Use parameterized stored procedures with the principle of least privilege.

Answer: AB

Q13. Which two statements are true about delegation as an Object-Oriented Design technique?

A. It is applied to a system only at compile time.

B. It is an essential element of the Singleton pattern.

C. It allows you to replace Inheritance with composition.

D. In Java technology, it is always implemented through the use of generics.

E. It always requires that at least two objects are involved in handling a request.

Answer: CE

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Q14. Which three principles are best practices when implementing a logging strategy for an enterprise application?

A. Never print log messages to the console window.

B. Use the appropriate logger level for logging information.

C. Log messages for every method entry and exit.

D. Include programmer-specific data in the log messages.

E. Include the thread name and Java class name in log messages.

Answer: BCD

Q15. Which four services are guaranteed to be present in a specification compliant Java EE container?

A. Security

B. Persistence

C. Naming and messaging

D. Remote connectivity

E. Failover

F. Lifecycle management

G. Multithreading handling

H. Load balancing

Answer: ABDF

Q16. Which three statements are true about inheritance?

A. Inheritance helps to reuse existing code implementations.

B. It should be possible to substitute the derived class for its base class.

C. Inheritance allows you to modify the behavior of objects.

D. Inheritance promotes encapsulation better than interfaces.

E. The derived class must override all methods of the base class.

Answer: ABC

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Q17. Which two are significant advantages of developing web applications with JavaServer Faces (JSF)?

A. JSF pages can be previewed outside the web container.

B. Backing beans can be unit tested outside the web container.

C. Client-side validation mechanisms are automatically generated.

D. JSF pages can be integrated with AJAX.

Answer: CD

Q18. Which two statements are true about the timer service of a business component container?

A. Timed notifications for all types of session beans can be scheduled by using this service.

B. When the server is shut down, the timer is persisted automatically and becomes active again when the server is restarted.

C. Each instance of message driven beans has unique timers.

D. When stateful session bean instance is removed, the container detaches the timers associated with the instance and allocates them to the new instance.

E. When a transaction is rolled hark, the timer creation within the transaction is also rolled back.

Answer: BE

Q19. While analyzing an existing web application, you observe the following issues in the source code:

Duplicate control code is scattered throughout various view.

Business and presentation logic are mixed within these view.

The next phase of the project involves refactoring the existing code to address these two issues.

Which design pattern, if employed in the refactoring exercise, would most directly address the two issues?

A. Service to Worker

B. Dispatcher view


D. Composite View

Answer: A

Q20. You are the operations architect for a large online retailer. During peak times, your set of monitored applications exhibits non-reproducible errors. The data center is growing at 50% per annum, while your team headcount remains constant.

Which method would you use to implement an affective monitoring strategy?

A. Use the Visitor pattern to collect per-JVM statistics and store them centrally.

B. Use the Strategy pattern to encapsulate collection logic for each JVM.

C. Use the Thread Tracker to monitor the JVMs directly.

D. Use the Observer pattern to monitor each JVM directly.

Answer: D

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