Tips to Pass 2V0-631 Exam (11 to 20)

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Q11. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is looking at Recent Events under the Infrastructure tab for successful snapshot creation events as shown in the exhibit. 

The administrator has created several snapshots successfully. 

Based on the exhibit, why are those events not displayed? 

A. The Event types should be set to Warnings. 

B. The Event types should be set to Informational notices. 

C. There is a Filter set to display only Errors. 

D. Snapshot creation events do not display in Recent Events. 


Q12. Which three are valid infrastructure costs that can be configured by editing Cost Drivers in vRealize Business Standard? (Choose three.) 

A. Operating System Licensing 

B. Storage (per GB) 

C. Network (per switch) 

D. Hardware Maintenance (per month) 

E. Memory (per GB) 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q13. Which three data sources are supported for use with vRealize Business Standard? (Choose Three.) 

A. MicrosoftAzure 

B. EMC Storage Resource Management 

C. IBM SoftLayer 

D. vCenter Server 

E. vRealize Log Insight 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q14. After an upgrade, in what order must vRealize Automation appliances be joined to the cluster? 

A. Join virtual appliances to a cluster in the reverse order fromwhich you shut them down before upgrading. 

B. Join virtual appliances to a cluster in the same order from which you shut them down before upgrading. 

C. Join virtual appliances to a cluster in any order from which you shut them down before upgrading. 

D. Join virtual appliances to a cluster in numerical order (by name) from which you shut them down before upgrading. 


Q15. An organization needs to track costs across multiple groups. Creating/Editing a Consumer Hierarchy is a function of which module in vRealize Business Standard? 

A. Operational Analysis 

B. Consumption Analysis 

C. Cloud Comparison 

D. Cost Drivers 


Q16. While creating a vRealize Automation reservation, an administrator finds that the cluster resource information is unavailable. 

What is the most probable cause of the issue? 

A. The endpoint inventory data collection has not completed for the cluster. 

B. The administrator has insufficient permission to view the resource information. 

C. The cluster is not part of the currentsecurity group specified in the reservation. 

D. The endpoint is not connected to the Elastic Load Balancer. 


Q17. What are two valid usable cloud resources that can be leveraged by vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. Google Compute Engine 



D. Standalone ESXi 

Answer: B,C 

Q18. An administrator needs to account for the daily cost of operating a virtual machine as well as the cost of the software deployed on the virtual machine. 

What action should the administrator take in vRealize Automation to provide the needed information? 

A. Assign a Blueprint Cost tothe virtual machine blueprint. 

B. Assign a vRealize Business Operation Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 

C. Assign a Daily Compute Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 

D. Assign a vRealize Business Usage Cost to the virtual machine blueprint. 


Q19. What are two examples of functions that can be performed out-of-the-box when enabling the vRealize Orchestrator plugin with vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. Calling an external application to generatea work order ticket 

B. Retrieving cost center information from a database 

C. Provisioning a machine on an Oracle VM Server 

D. Creating a new custom self-service portal 

Answer: A,B 

Q20. An administrator has installed Application Services for a tenant group of users. 

What new role will give the group the least privileges necessary for provisioning applications into the vRealize Automation catalog? 

A. Application Publisher and Deployer 

B. Service Architect 

C. Application Catalog Administrator 

D. Application Architect