Tips to Pass 650-296 Exam (11 to 20)

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2016 Sep 650-296 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Your network uses a combination of SIP and H.323 endpoints. When planning to implement firewalls for security, what device permits traversal of the firewall for there devices?] 

A. Gateway 

B. VCS Expressway 

C. Tandberg Management Suite 

D. multipoint control unit 

E. Cisco TelePresence 

Answer: B

Q12. Why is Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) needed in a network? 

A. It allows CTS endpoints and other other devices that can only with two media streams to connect 

B. It permits audio and video streams to be transmitted across the WAN 

C. It allows for multiple video and audio conferences to be conducted simultaneously 

D. It allows for standard-definition video conference streams to be converted up to 1080p 

Answer: A

Q13. Which two of these tasks should be completed to enable calls through a firewall? (Choose two) 

A. Create one traversal server zone on the VCS Expressway for any VCS Control that is running a traversal client 

B. Configure the traversal server zone with details of the corresponding zone on the traversal client 

C. Create a traversal server zone on your local VCS Control 

D. Configure VCS with details of the corresponding zone on the traversal server 

E. Create a traversal client zone on your local VCS Control 

Answer: AE

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Q14. What are two ways that a Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) endpoint connects to an H.323 or SIP (that is, non-TIP) endpoint? (Choose two) 

A. using the Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server 

B. by connecting through a Cisco Unified Communication Manager 

C. using a Cisco Media Experience Engine 

D. using a Cisco Media2 blade 

E. using a WAS Expressway 

F. by establishing a TC4 connection 

Answer: AB

Q15. Which MSE blade provides high-definition multipoint control unit support? 

A. Cisco MSE 8510 Media2 

B. Cisco MSE 8420 Media 

C. Cisco MSE 8350 IP GW 

D. Cisco MSE 8220 VCR 

Answer: A

Q16. Which conceptual zone, controlling the amount of bandwidth used by calls passing through the VCS, represents the gatekeeper itself? 

A. default subzone 

B. local zone 

C. traversal subzone 

D. local subzone 

Answer: B

Exact 650-296 vce:

Q17. Why would you include include a gateway in your design? 

A. Gateways assist in video and conferencing integration 

B. Gateways allow for simplification of the address plan by elimination the need for dialing a full PSTN number 

C. Gateways provide network translation if varying protocols are used 

D. Gateways are required to integrate multiple endpoints 

Answer: C

Q18. What is the primary function of the Cisco MSE 8321 ISDN GW blade? 

A. to proived up to 60 1080p high-definition video conferences 

B. to provide call forwarding, live receptionist, or departmental menus 

C. to provide IP telepresence recording, playback, and streaming media 

D. to connect ISDN endpoints to IP-based endpoints 

Answer: D

Q19. When using the multizone VCS WAM model, what happens to a location request for a unit that is registered on a different VCS? 

A. The LRQ is sent to subzones only 

B. The LRQ messages will be sent to all other VCSs 

C. LRQs cannot be sent without a DNS zone 

D. The LRQ messages are sent to the local zone 

Answer: B

Q20. Which two statements are correct when describing the VCS Expressway solution? (Choose two) 

A. The VCS Expressway is located outside the network and acts as the firewall 

B. The VCS Control works with existing firewalls to determine which traffic is allowed to pass to the VCS Expressway 

C. The VCS Control is on the private network that acts as the firewall traversal client 

D. The VCS Control is located outside the network and acts as the firewall traversal server 

E. The VCS Expressway is traversal-enabled endpoint on the private network that acts as the firewall traversal client 

Answer: AC

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