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Q61. Which of the following identifies the purpose of service transition planning and support? 

A. Provide overall planning for service transitions and co-ordinate the resources they require 

B. Ensure that all service transitions are properly authorized 

C. Provide the resources to allow all infrastructure elements of a service transition to be recorded and tracked 

D. To define testing scripts to ensure service transitions are unlikely to ever fail 


Q62. Service design emphasizes the importance of the "Four Ps". These "Four Ps" include Partners, People, Processes and one other "P". Which of the following is the additional "P"? 

A. Profit 

B. Preparation 

C. Products 

D. Potential 


Q63. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT? 

A. The configuration management system is part of the known error database 

B. The service knowledge management system is part of the configuration management system 

C. The configuration management system is part of the service knowledge management system 

D. The configuration management system is part of the configuration management database 


Q64. Which of the following statements correctly states the relationship between urgency, priority and impact? 

A. Impact, priority and urgency are independent of each other 

B. Urgency should be based on impact and priority 

C. Impact should be based on urgency and priority 

D. Priority should be based on impact and urgency 


Q65. Which two elements of financial management for IT services are mandatory? 

A. Budgeting and charging 

B. Accounting and charging 

C. Budgeting and accounting 

D. Costing and charging 


Q66. Which role is accountable for the operational management of a process? 

A. Process practitioner 

B. Process manager 

C. Service manager 

D. Change manager 


Q67. Which one of the following is an objective of release and deployment management? 

A. To standardize methods and procedures used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes 

B. To ensure all changes to service assets and configuration items (CIs) are recorded in the configuration management system (CMS) 

C. To ensure that the overall business risk of change is optimized 

D. To define and agree release and deployment plans with customers and stakeholders 


Q68. Which Functions are included in IT operations management? 

A. Network management and application management 

B. Technical management and change management 

C. IT operations control and facilities management 

D. Facilities management and release management 


Q69. Which statement BEST represents the guidance on incident logging? 

A. Incidents must only be logged if a resolution is not immediately available 

B. Only incidents reported to the service desk can be logged 

C. All incidents must be fully logged 

D. The service desk decide which incidents to log 


Q70. Which statement about the service portfolio is TRUE? 

A. The service portfolio includes ail services except those managed by third parties 

B. It is an integral part of the service catalogue 

C. It allows the organization unlimited resources when planning for new service deployments 

D. It represents all resources presently engaged or being released in various stages of the service lifecycle