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2016 Jun JN0-343 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. For two OSPF neighbors to establish a full adjacency on a broadcast medium, what information in their hello packets must match? (Choose two.) 

41 / 79 

A. network mask 

B. router priority 

C. dead interval 

D. the list of neighbors on the network 

Answer: AC 

Q52. — Exhibit –

— Exhibit —

User B is sending traffic to the destination MAC address of 00:26:88:02:74:89. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true? 

A. All users will receive the traffic. 

B. Only User A will receive the traffic. 

C. Only User D will receive the traffic. 

D. Both Users A and D will receive the traffic. 

Answer: D 

Q53. Which statement is true about STP on an EX Series switch? 

A. STP requires MSTP to also be configured. 

B. STP automatically rebuilds the tree when the topology changes. 

C. STP builds loop-free paths in nonredundant Layer 2 networks. 

D. The root bridge is the switch with the highest bridge ID. 

Answer: B 

JN0-343  test questions

Improved JN0-343 exams:

Q54. — Exhibit –[edit] 

user@router# commit 

[edit protocols] 


Error in neighbor of group ebgp: 

must define local autonomous system when enabling BGP 

error: configuration check-out failed 

— Exhibit —

You are configuring BGP on a new router. While attempting to commit the configuration, you receive the error shown in the exhibit. 

What must be done to allow the commit to complete? 

A. Configure the autonomous-system parameter at the [edit forwarding-options] hierarchy. 

B. Configure the autonomous-system parameter at the [edit routing-options] hierarchy. 

C. Configure the autonomous-system parameter at the [edit protocols bgp group ebgp] hierarchy. 

D. Configure the autonomous-system parameter at the [edit protocols bgp] hierarchy. 

Answer: B 

Q55. Which statement is true regarding a unified in-service software upgrade (ISSU)? 

A. BFD must be enabled. 

B. GRES and NSR must be enabled. 

C. VRRP must be enabled. 

D. OAM must be enabled. 

Answer: B 

Q56. Which two link-state advertisement (LSA) types are allowed in a stub area? (Choose two.) 

A. LSA Type 1 

B. LSA Type 2 

C. LSA Type 4 

D. LSA Type 5 

Answer: AB

Precise JN0-343 tutorials:

Q57. Your OSPF network consists of five Junos devices, R1 through R5, all in Area 0. You want to reset the LSDB for the entire area. 

Which action accomplishes this task? 

A. Add the overload parameter to each device's OSPF configuration. 

B. Issue the clear ospf database purge command on R1. 

C. Issue the clear ospf neighbor command on R2. 

D. Configure the OSPF lsa-refresh-interval parameter to 0 on each device. 

Answer: B 

Q58. Your network has multiple BGP connections to your ISP's edge router. You are asked to influence which router is used by traffic entering your network without asking the ISP to make changes in their network. 

Which attribute should be used? 

A. local preference 


C. community 

D. aggregator 

Answer: B 

Q59. When two OSPF routers on a broadcast network are ready to exchange database descriptor packets, which router is responsible for setting the initial sequence number? 

A. the DR 

B. the BDR 

C. the router with the higher RID 

D. the router with the lower RID 

Answer: C 

Q60. The exhibit shows a BGP multihomed network connecting to ISP A and ISP B. The secondary link is to be used only in a failover scenario in which the primary link is not usable. Which BGP attribute should you use to influence inbound traffic to use the primary link t hat is sourced from ISP C? 

A. multiple exit discriminator (MED) 

B. local preference 

C. AS path 

D. origin 

Answer: C 

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