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How do you define clean data?

Answer: Data that is trusted by the user.

Q92. Which of the following describes the Forecast Category field?

A. Identifies where a deal is in relation to actually being closed.

B. Determines the row in your Forecast where the amount will be aggregated.

C. The numeric prediction that the revenue from an opportunitywill be realized.

Answer: B

Q93. You are setting up security for your client, UCI. UCI has a collaborative sales model and want to make sure all team members work together to meet the customer needs. They are likely to require an open sharing model that will allow them to cross- and up-sell opportunities.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Q94. Match the following loading option to the description of when to useit. " Data Loader"

A. Brian wants to consolidate all his accounts from several systems.

B. Bill wants to load 20,000 lead records.

C. Beckywants to load all her 65,000 contact records.

D. Bobwants to load a single account record.

E. Berta wants to keep a separate system as her "system of record"

Answer: C

Q95. What should you do when migrating Opportunities?

A. Determine ifyou need to load owner who are not current users

B. Always load all owners, including those who are not current users

C. Only load owners who are current users

D. Load all available data, including owners

Answer: A


Answer: Managed – For enterprises deploying Chatter Desktop to users whodon't have administrator privileges on their machines – Requires administrator privileges in Salesforce to access the installer Standard -For individuals with administrator privileges on their machines – Does not require administrator privileges in Salesforce to access the installer

Q97. Match this tip with its design consideration. "Use 1-2 clicks from theHome page"

A. Tab and field naming

B. Reduced clicks

C. Search

D. Record types and page layouts

E. Workflow rules and approvals

F. Minimized redundant data entry

Answer: B


CustomizableForecasting must be enabled by Support.Trueor False.

Answer: False. An Admin can do it in Setup.

Q99. Arrange the steps to set a passcode, in the correct order (using Salesforce Classic).

A. Enter your passcode again for confirmation

B. Enter your passcode when prompted to create a passcode

C. Ensurethat the Salesforce Classic application is installed and all your Salesforce records are downloaded to your device

Answer: ABC

Q100. Which of these steps should take place before setting a List Price for a Product? (Select all that apply)

A. Update all items in the Standard Price Book

B. Update all items in the Custom Price Book

C. Create the Product

D. Define the Product's Standard Price

E. Specify a Quantity or Revenue Schedule

Answer: CD