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Exam Code: TK0-201 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 Jun TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. The learners in a class have limited knowledge and experience with the material being presented. The instructor wants to ensure the learners are paying close attention. Which of the following will accomplish this task?

A. Use closed-ended questions to not intimidate any of the learners.

B. Use interesting questions to make the material significant.

C. Tell them that their performance will be reported at the end of the session.

D. Change the course to all labs so learners stay focused.

Answer: B

Q52. A learner shows up for class dressed inappropriately. Which of the following is the FIRST action the instructor should do?

A. Take the learner aside and inform the learner of the dress code policy.

B. Point out the violation of dress code in front of the other learners.

C. Remove the learner from class until they adhere to the dress code.

D. Give all the learners a break and address the situation with the point of contact

Answer: A

Q53. An instructor decides to divide their class into groups. In order to motivate the learners in the groups the instructor designs the groups and the activity such that the: (Select TWO).

A. Learners need to complete a small part of a larger project without seeing the final outcome.

B. Learners are paired with the members they feel most comfortable with.

C. Learners have more autonomy over the direction of the activity.

D. Activity is relevant to the learners job function as it relates to the material.

E. Skill level is below that of the class, making the activity easy to complete and building the learners esteem.

Answer: CD

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Avant-garde tk0-201 study guide:

Q54. An instructor is teaching a class that is filled with a variety of acronyms and technical jargon. Which of the following would help reinforce the definitions of the terms while using the least amount of classroom time?

A. Create written vocabulary quizzes for each module of the course.

B. Provide and use a reference page or glossary of terms.

C. Ask the learners to review the terms in the materials during breaks.

D. Have the learners quiz each other over the terms in the first part of class.

Answer: B

Q55. An instructor delivers a complex topic and notices that most of the class is continuously falling behind during exercises. Which of the following is the BEST way to prevent this situation?

A. Provide real-world examples in the exercises.

B. Conduct pre-class assessments to determine the skill levels.

C. Provide a written exam before the exercises.

D. During introductions have the learners assess their knowledge.

Answer: B

Q56. An instructor is teaching an advanced two-day workshop for experienced users of a specific software program. The learners were recommended to participate by their supervisors. The instructor is informally talking with the learners prior to the first session, when one learner confides concerns about their ability to succeed in the course. The BEST way for the instructor to respond to the learner is to:

A. Convince the learner they should feel confident because of the recommendation by the learner's supervisor

B. Offer to contact the learner's supervisor and verify that the learner has the prerequisite skills for the course.

C. Monitor the learner's performance during the first part of the course and meet with the learner at the first break.

D. Assure the learner that the course material for the workshop will teach what the learner needs to succeed in the course.

Answer: C

Actual tk0-201 study guide:

Q57. A client requests a half-day course on a software application from an instructor. The instructor has laptops available for rent, but the client is not interested in paying the cost. Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation?

A. Instruct the client that the course can only be run with the laptop rental fee.

B. Bring one laptop and a projector to display presentations and demonstrations.

C. Increase the price of the class and say the laptop usage is free.

D. Explain the best return on investment (ROI) will be realized by hands-on training.

Answer: B

Q58. During a tedious technical exercise the instructor notes that the learners are nervous and apprehensive about starting. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Reassure everyone that they will perform well and monitor their progress on a more personal basis.

B. Give the learners extra time to complete the exercise.

C. Present the lecture portion again to reinforce the exercise and then follow up with a question and answer session.

D. Tell a humorous story to make the learners feel more comfortable during the exercise.

Answer: A

Q59. A learner who responds positively to slide presentations will tend to be a/an:

A. Physical learner

B. Visual learner

C. Auditory learner

D. Kinesthetic learner

Answer: B

Q60. Right after a break in a classroom setting, a learner asks for a broader explanation of the last topic discussed. After a more detailed explanation, the learner states, "I'm still not seeing that." Which of the following should the instructor do to bring clarity to the topic?

A. Use a whiteboard or flip chart to draw a graphic that illustrates the concept.

B. Redirect the question to the class using active listening.

C. Ask the learner to remain after class to discuss the concept further.

D. Ask the learner. "Which aspect can I help explain further?"

Answer: A

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