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2016 Aug 352-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Network designers plan to interconnect two geographically separated data centers using an Ethernet-over-MPLS pseudowire. Within that design, the link between the sites is stable, there are no apparent loops in the topology, and the root bridges for the respective VLANs are stable and unchanging. What additional aspect of the design should be adjusted to mitigate the chance of connectivity issues to the peer data center when the connection takes place? 

A. Enable 802.1d on one data center, and 802.1w on the other. 

B. Ensure that the spanning tree diameter for one or more VLANs is not too large. 

C. Enable UDLD on the link between the data centers. 

D. Enable root guard on the link between the data centers. 

Answer: B 

Q12. Acme Corporation indicates that their network design must support the ability to scale to support a high number of remote sites. Which IGP is considered to scale better for a hub-and-spoke topology? 





Answer: D 

Q13. When designing a large full mesh network running OSPF, how would you reduce LSA repetition? 

A. Elect a DR and BDR. 

B. Use access control lists to control outbound advertisements. 

C. Choose one or two routers to re-flood LSA information. 

D. Put each of the point-to-point links in your full mesh networking into a separate area. 

Answer: C 

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Latest bis vm-352-001-s4:

Q14. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are designing an IPv4 unicast Layer 3 VPN load-balancing solution. Which L3VPN feature needs to be configured on the PE routers to support the design requirement? 

A. nonmatching route distinguishers 

B. matching route target values 

C. disable split horizon on PE2 and PE3 

D. matching route distinguishers 

Answer: A 

Q15. A Mobile Service Provider would like to design and deploy an Ethernet service which has similar physical link failover/failback characteristics on the active/backup links as the APS/MSP SONET properties. Which Layer 2 services should be considered to address this design feature? 

A. Port-Channel 


C. Flex Link 

D. Ethernet Pseudowires 

Answer: C 

Q16. Which design concern should be accounted for in all Layer 3 virtualization technologies? 

A. Layer 3 redundancy 

B. packet sizing 

C. application usage 

D. Layer 3 stability 

Answer: B

Validated cisco 352-001 vce:

Q17. You are asked to design a large campus network that will be using multicast for data transport. Which feature should be enabled at the Layer 2 access edge for host-only ports? 

A. PortFast 

B. BPDU guard 


D. PIM query interval 

Answer: A 

Q18. Which two statements describe how including Cisco IPoDWDM proactive protection in an optical design would minimize packet loss in the event of a fiber cut? (Choose two). 

A. It uses the FEC field on the OTN frame to trigger protection. 

B. It uses a "not to exceed" predefined BER threshold to cause traffic redirection. 

C. It reroutes the optical circuit after an event that impacts service. 

D. It is effective both when you have redundant and nonredundant Layer 3 MPLS paths. 

Answer: AB 

Q19. You are the lead network designer for an enterprise company called ABC, and you are leading design discussions regarding IPv6 implementation into their existing network. A question is raised regarding older Layer 2 switches that exist in the network, and if any changes are required to these Layer 2 switches for successful IPv6 implementation. Which two responses should you give? (Choose two.) 

A. IPv6 is transparent on Layer 2 switches, so there is no need to make any changes to the Layer 2 switches. 

B. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ICMPv6 snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

C. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support DHCPv6 snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

D. If IPv6 multicast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support MLD snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

E. If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ND snooping at Layer 2 switches. 

Answer: AD 

Q20. You are using iSCSI to transfer files between a 10 Gigabit Ethernet storage system and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet server. The performance is only approximately 700 Mb/s and output drops are occurring on the server switch port. Which action will improve performance in a cost-effective manner? 

A. Use a WRED random drop policy. 

B. Increase the queue to at least 1 GB. 

C. Enable the TCP Nagle algorithm on the receiver. 

D. Change the protocol to CIFS. 

Answer: A 

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