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2016 Jun 156-915.71 Study Guide Questions:

Q191. How do you use SmartView Monitor to compile traffic statistics for your company's Internet activity during production hours?

A. Use the "Traffic Counters" settings and SmartView Monitor to generate a graph showing the total HTTP traffic for the day

B. Select the "Tunnels" view, and generating a report on the statistics

C. View total packets passed through the Security Gateway

D. Configure a Suspicious Activity Rule which triggers an alert when HTTP traffic passes through the Gateway

Answer: A

Q192. When does the SmartWorkflow Policy Installation window appear?

A. When the administrator installs an approved policy

B. When the manager approves a session

C. When the administrator installs an unapproved policy

D. When the administrator submits a session for approval

Answer: C

Q193. Which Security Servers can perform authentication tasks, but CANNOT perform content security tasks?



C. Telnet


Answer: D

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Update 156-915.71 exams:

Q194. After repairing a SmartWorkflow session:

A. The session moves to status Repaired and a new session can be started

B. The session moves to status Awaiting Repair and must be resubmitted

C. The session is continued with status Not approved and a new session must be started

D. The session is discarded and a new session is automatically started

Answer: B

Q195. How do you verify a VPN Tunnel Interface (VTI) is configured properly?

A. vpn shell display interface detailed <VTI name>

B. vpn shell show interface detailed <VTI name*

C. vpn shell display <VTI name> detailed

D. vpn shell show<VTI name> detailed

Answer: B

Q196. What are the 3 main components of the IPS Event Analysis software Blade?

i) Correlation Unit

ii) Correlation Client

iii) Correlation Server

iv)Analyzer Server

v) Analyzer Client

vi)Analyzer Unit

A. i ii iii

B. iv, v. vi

C. i, iii, iv

D. i, iv, v

Answer: D

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Q197. Which NGX R65 logs can you configure to send to

A. SNMP and account logs

B. Alert and user-defined alert logs

C. Account and alert logs

D. Audit and alert logs

Answer: B

Q198. When a security administrator logs in to SmartDashboard and selects Continue without session from the following window, what kind of access will be generated in SmartDashboard?

A. He will get read4 only access to the policy, network objects and session management

B. He will get read-only access to the policy and network objects; however, He can still manage the sessions, i.e.Approve, Request Repair etc

C. A new session will automatically be created with a default session name along with date and time. All changes made by the manager will be saved in this new session

D. No access will be granted, he will be logged out of SmartDashboard

Answer: A

Q199. When configuring VPN High Availability (HA) with MEP, which of the following is correct?

A. The decision on which MEP Security Gateway to use is made on the remote gateway's side (non-MEP side).

B. MEP Gateways must be managed by the same SmartCenter Server.

C. MEP VPN Gateways cannot be geographically separated machines.

D. If one Gateway fails, the synchronized connection fails over to another Gateway and the connection continues

Answer: A

Q200. Antivirus protection on a VPN-1 Gateway is available for all of the following protocols, EXCEPT





Answer: B

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