Top 10 courses 1Z0-820 for IT candidates (41 to 50)

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2016 Jun 1Z0-820 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. You are setting up an automated installer (AI) install server and issue the following command: installadm create-service -n prod_ai -s /repo/prod_ai.iso \\

-i -c 5 -d /export/repo

Which four options describe the install server that you have configured?

A. Theservicename is prod_ai.

B. DHCP base IP address is

C. The initial IP address for the install clients will be This IP address is temporary.

After the client is booted, it will use IP addresses in the following range:

D. Five IP addresses are allocated for DHCP clients, starting with

E. The Install server will support up to five clients.

F. The AI net image ISO file is located in /repo/prod and the net image ISO will be unpacked in /export/repo.

G. The AI net image ISO file is located in /repo/repo and is named /repo/prod/_ai.iso.

Answer: ABDF

Q42. You are setting up a local image packaging System (IPS) package repository on your Oracle Solaris 11 server. The information and specifications that you have are as follows:

The Oracle Solaris11 repository ISO image has been downloaded into the /repo directory (a zfs file system).

The current publisher is:



You will be replacing the current publisher with:



The location of the repository will be /export/IPS. This ZFS file system has already been created.

Among the steps you will perform is to set the publisher to the local repository by using the pkg set

– publisher command.

Which six other steps are required to set up the local IPS package repository?

A. Perform an rsync on the ISO image to copy the files from the ISO image to the /export/IPS file system.

B. chmod 700 on/export/IPS

C. Use the svccfg command to set the pkg/inst_root property to export/IPS.

D. Use the svccfg command to set the pkg.inst_root property to /export/IPS.

E. Use the svccfg command to set the pkg/readonly property to the application/pkg/server service to true.

F. Use the svccfg command to set the pkg/readonly property for the application/pkg/server service false.

G. Refresh the application/pkg/server service with the svcadm refresh command.

H. Refresh the package repository with the pkgrep refresh command.

I. Enable the application /pkg/server service.

J. Run the pkhrepo rebuild command to rebuild the repository catalog.

Answer: ABDEGI

Q43. Consider the following rule file for use with the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART).


IGNORE dirmtime



IGNORE contents


IGNORE mtime size contents



You are using BART to detect inappropriate changes to the file system.

Identify the two correct statements describing the attributes recorded.

A. /var/dhcp Attribute: size uid gid mode acl

B. /etc/hosts Attributes: size uid gid mode acl intime dest

C. /var/spool/mqueue Attribute: size uid gid mode acl dirmtime

D. /etc/security/exec_attr Attribute: size uid mode acl mtime devnode

E. /export/home/kate/.profile Attributes: uid gid mode acl dirmtime

F. /export/home/rick/.profile Attributes: size uid gid mode acl mtime contents

Answer: DF

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Q44. View the Exhibit to inspect the boot environment Information displayed within a non global zone on your system.

Which two options describe the solaris-1 boot environment?

A. The solaris-1 boot environment is not bootable.

B. The solaris-1 boot environment is incomplete.

C. The solaris-1 boot environment was created automatically when the non global zone was created.

D. The solaris-1 boot environment was created in the non-global zone using the beadm create command.

E. The solaris-1 boot environment is associated with a non active global zone boot environment.

Answer: AD

Q45. You have been tasked with creating a dedicated virtual network between two local zones within a single system. In order to isolate the network traffic from other zones on that system.

To accomplish this, you will create .

A. An ether stub 

B. A virtual router 

C. A virtual switch 

D. A virtual bridge.

E. A virtual network interface

F. Nothing because a virtual switch is automatically created then the virtual network interfaces are created.

Answer: A

Q46. You upgraded your server to Oracle Solaris 11 and you imported zpool (pool1) that was created in Solaris 10. You need to create an encrypted ZFS file system in pool1, but first you need to make sure that your server supports ZFS encryption.

Which four statements are true for support of ZFS encryption?

A. The encrypted file system must have been created in Oracle Solaris11. To encrypt a ZFS file system from a previous version of Solaris, upgrade the zpool and create a new encrypted ZFS file system into the encrypted ZFS file system.

B. If you plan to create an encrypted file system in an existing zpool, the zpool must be upgraded to ZFS version 30.

C. ZFS encryption is integrated with the ZFS command set and no additional packages need to be installed.

D. ZFS encryption requires that the ZFS Dataset Encryption package be installed.

E. If you plan to create an encrypted file system in an existing zpool, the pool must be upgraded to ZFS version 21, minimum.

F. Encryption is supported at the pool or dataset (file system) level.

G. Encryption is supported at the pool level only for every file system in the pool will be encrypted.

H. You cannot create an encrypted file system in a zpool that was created prior to oracle Solaris11.

Create a new zpool in Solaris11, create an encrypted ZFS file system in the new zpool, and move or copy the data from the existing file system into the new encrypted file system.

Answer: ABCF

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Q47. Identify the two security features incorporated in the Oracle Solaris 11 Cryptographic Framework.

A. Layer 5 IP address encryptions

B. Internet protocol security

C. Diffie-Kerberos coaxial key encryption

D. Signed cryptographic plugins (providers)

E. Kernel support for signed antivirus plugins

Answer: DE

Q48. Which three Installation option allow for a "hands free" and "unattended'" Installation of the Solaris 11 environment?

A. Jumpstart

B. LiveCD

C. A text Installation over the network

D. An Automated Installation performed on an x86 client

E. An Automated Installation using media from a local DVD or USB drive

F. An Automated Installation using a networked repository

Answer: DEF

Q49. When you issue the “gzip: zommand not found” message is displayed. You need to install the gzip utility on your system.

Which command would you use to check if the gzip utility is available from the default publisher for installation?

A. pkg info|grep gzip

B. pkg list SUNWgzip

C. pkg contents gzip

D. pkg search gzip

Answer: D

Q50. You run the command dlstat show-link -r.

Select the two correct statements regarding the information displayed in the INTRS column.

A. No value is listed for virtual network interfaces.

B. A value of 0 is listed for virtual interfaces and ether stubs.

C. The number of Interrupts is listed, which indicates network efficiency.

D. A number equal to the number of transmitted Ethernet frames is listed for physical links.

E. The number of packets that were interrupted by a collision is listed, which may indicate hardware problems.

Answer: CE

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