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2016 Aug 1Z0-593 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which statement about RAC services is correct? 

A. SYS$BACKGROUND and SYS$USERS are external services. 

B. Internal services can be deleted. 

C. Services are logical abstractions for managing workloads in Oracle Database. 

D. Every service has N-2 cluster resources (where N is the number of RAC instances). 

Answer: C 

Q42. Which command lists all the service-related information for the specified service? (crmdb is the cluster database name and crms is the service name) 

A. #crsctl config services –d cmdb –s crms 

B. #srvctl config service –d cmdb –s crms 

C. #srvctl getenv service –d crmdb –s crms 

D. #crsctl status service –d crm –s crm –v 

Answer: B 

Q43. Which two actions do you need to take in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 to enable debugging for the resource 

A. Make sure you are logged in as a privileged user. 

B. crsctl debug res 

C. crsctl set log res 

D. crsctl debug log res 

Answer: AC 

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Q44. Select two Clusterware administration tasks that must be performed as the root user. 

A. List the location of the voting disks. 

B. Check the health and viability of the Clusterware on all nodes. 

C. Disable the Clusterware from automatic start at node reboot. 

D. Start the Clusterware manually on one node. 

E. Check the health of the Clusterware on one node. 

Answer: CD 

Q45. Which two statements are true for crsctl and srvctl? 

A. crsctl is used to manage resources defined in the OCR 

B. srvctl can manage Clusterware daemons 

C. crsctl is used to manage CSS and CRS 

D. only srvctl can manage nodeapps 

E. srvctl is used to determine the status of Clusterware installation 

Answer: CD 

Q46. Under which account(s) can the Oracle Clusterware processes run for the Linux platform? 

A. only the root account 

B. only the Grid Infrastructure owner account 

C. only the database software owner account 

D. some under the Grid Infrastructure owner account and some under the root account 

E. some under the database software owner account and some under the root account 

Answer: A 

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Q47. Where is the OCRCONFIG executable located on Oracle Database 11g Release 1? 

A. The ORACE_HOME directory 

B. The ORACLE_HOME/bin directory 

C. The ORACLE_HOME directory for grid infrastructure 

D. The crs_home/bin directory 

E. The usr/local/bin directory 

Answer: C 

Q48. Oracle provides Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) to perform system checks in preparation for Installation, patch updates, or other system changes. Select three verification tasks that CVU can perform. 

A. Checking the Oracle Clusterware integrity 

B. Oracle software home verification 

C. Network connectivity verification 

D. Storage access verification 

Answer: ACD 

Q49. Which two actions do you need to take in order to start up Oracle Grid Infrastructure automatically on boot? 

A. If Oracle Grid Infrastructure was disabled on a node, use “crsctl enable crs” to enable the automatic startup. 

B. Add the daemons to the system startup list. 

C. Nothing. By default, Oracle Grid Infrastructure is set up to start automatically on server boot. 

D. You must start clusterware daemons with individual commands in a batch file. 

Answer: AC 

Q50. List the two granularity levels supported by the Cluster Verification Utility (CVU). 

A. Component 

B. Stage 

C. Composite 

D. CVU only supports one level; just run it 

E. Object 

Answer: AB 

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