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2016 Jun 250-370 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. The Symantec Netbackup 7.0 master server has had an unrecoverable catastrophe. The administrator rebuilt another server with the same hostname and attached all the necessary hardware. The administrator has reinstalled Symantec NetBackup.

Which step should be taken next in recovering the master server?

A. mount the catalog backup media

B. run the Catalog Recovery Wizard

C. configure devices

D. inventory the tape library

Answer: C

Q52. An administrator needs to back up a file system with millions of files in the shortest amount of time.

Which option should be used?

A. enable "Compression" in the policy

B. use the FlashBackup policy type

C. enable "Collect True Image Restore" in the policy

D. use the AFS policy type

Answer: B

Q53. Where are exclude list configurations stored?

A. media server

B. master server

C. client

D. Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) server

Answer: C

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Renovate 250-370 exam topics:

Q54. What is required to update clustered systems using Symantec NetBackup 7.0 LiveUpdate?

A. One LiveUpdate policy must be created per Symantec NetBackup domain.

B. Unlimited jobs must be used per policy.

C. All cluster node names must be entered in the LiveUpdate policy.

D. All virtual node names must be entered in the LiveUpdate policy.

Answer: C

Q55. Which backup selections list entry is equivalent to the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive on a Windows client?

A. *.*

B. *

C. C:\\*.*

D. *:\\

Answer: D

Q56. Consider the following configuration information for a single client:

Allow Multiple Data Streams is enabled.

ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified.

Media multiplexing is set to 6.

Three tape drives are available in the storage unit and multiplex per drive is 2.

Max Jobs per Client is set to 8.

The client has five local file systems with no exclude list. How many backups will be active (versus queued) after the policy is successfully invoked?

A. two

B. three

C. five

D. six

E. eight

Answer: C

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Approved 250-370 class:

Q57. Refer to the exhibit.

During the course of operation, the administrator notices that initial backup jobs are failing because the disk storage is full.

How could this issue have been avoided?

A. by setting the duplication retentions to one week

B. by setting the backup retention to expire immediately after the duplication job

C. by selecting the 'Expire Images Before Full' checkbox for the Disk Storage Unit

D. by using another Tape Storage Unit for duplications

Answer: B

Q58. What is an accurate description of a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 domain?

A. all media servers and clients owned by multiple master servers

B. all clients owned by multiple master servers

C. all media servers and clients owned by one master server

D. all master and media servers on the same subnet

Answer: C

Q59. The NEW_STREAMS directive is ignored unless which policy attribute is selected?

A. Allow multiple data streams

B. Take checkpoints every

C. Cross mount points

D. Limit jobs per policy

Answer: A

Q60. A company deployed Symantec NetBackup 7.0 LiveUpdate on a Windows LiveUpdate file share. None of the clients are receiving updates from the file server.

What is a possible explanation of this problem?

A. LiveUpdate can only be run from a web server.

B. The file share must have "NULL" permissions.

C. LiveUpdate must be run on a UNIX server.

D. The file share must be located on the boot drive.

Answer: B

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