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2016 Sep 1Z0-807 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which two actions limit the consequences of a network based attack?

A. Implementing the principle of least privilege

B. Installing a firewall at the outer boundary of your systems

C. Placing Internet-accessible servers in a demilitarized zone

D. Deploying a single sign-on system to provide system-wide authorization

E. Allowing application servers privileged access to all databases

Answer: AE

Q12. You are designing a bank application in which automated email reminders are sent to customers every 24 hours, starting from five days prior to a payment due date until the payment is made?

Which type of beans most closely match the implementation needs for this requirement?

A. Stateful session bean

B. Stateless session bean

C. Managed bean

D. Message-driven bean

Answer: D

Q13. Which two are primary concerns for a service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

A. Low cohesion

B. Loose coupling

C. Session handling

D. Well defined contracts

Answer: BD

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Q14. Which two statements are true about security strategies at the message level?

A. Messages are secured during transport and after arrival at their destination

B. Each portion of a compound message is secured.

C. SSL is required to ensure authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.

D. Message attachments are secured without the need for a dedicated API.

E. Security is dependent on the application environment or the transport protocol.

Answer: AD

Q15. A travel company re-architects its application from a two-tier to a three-tier architecture. To see what impact the new architecture has on its non-functional requirements (NFR), the company intends to build a prototype based on the new architecture.

The company compares the NFR metrics associated with the new prototype against the metrics from their original two-tier solution.

Which option is an advantage of the original two-tier solution?

A. It has better availability because it has fewer single points of failure.

B. It has better manageability because each client has its own copy of the application.

C. It has better performance because each client must use its own set of domain objects.

D. It has better scalability because each client can access the database independently of other clients.

Answer: A

Q16. You are the architect of a JEE-based product that customers can configure to meet their own security requirements. You want to enforce basic without sacrificing customers ability to customize the product.

Which is the best method to support both requirements?

A. Define base roles and users declaratively

B. Define base roles and users programmatically

C. Build a custom security service to handle authorization

D. Customize the JRE sandbox model by using local variables

Answer: C

Certified 1Z0-807 answers:

Q17. Which two kinds of applications benefit from the adoption of service oriented architecture (SOA) inspired patterns and practices?

A. An application that retains legacy systems while evolving to accommodate future business demands

B. An application with tightly coupled services that enable messages to flow easily

C. An application that utilizes fine-grained interfaces to provide communication to the object of a service

D. An application in which the communication between services and the business process are platform independent.

Answer: AD

Q18. A successful web application is used by over two hundred thousand users. Due to this substantial load, the database is over bridged and fails frequently. All data, included critical user records and temporary session data, is stored in the database. Because of resource constraints, a new database system cannot be installed.

Which change will reduce the load on the database?

A. Creating more entity beans to optimize interaction wild the database

B. Refactoring the web application to use DAOs to communicate with the database

C. Refactoring the web application to store temporary session data on the web servers

D. Adding more web servers to the web tier to distribute the load and reduce the number of transactions on the database.

Answer: C

Q19. Your company provides a marketplace for industrial chemicals. You are required to offer accurate pricing and quantities to all marketplace users.

Marketplace users are globally distributed.

What is the most appropriate technology to use to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server-side distribution using JAX-WS

B. Client-side polling using JAX-RPC

C. Web services using REST

D. An enterprise messaging system

Answer: C

Q20. Blue Berry Corporation, one of the biggest fruit traders in Canada, has the biggest competitor, Red Cherry Corporation. Blue Berry uses a web application that is developed by using java technologies, whereas Red Cherry’s web application uses non-Java technologies. Blue Berry plans to share business sensitive, transactional data between the two systems by integrating them in a loosely coupled manner.

Which technology should be used to this?




D. RMI over IIOP


Answer: B

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