Top 10 item pool PMI-002 for customers (151 to 160)

Exam Code: PMI-002 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Certification Provider: PMI
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2016 Jun PMI-002 Study Guide Questions:

Q151. Which of the following is NOT an example of a type of schedule report?

A. Gantt chart

B. Milestone chart

C. fishbone diagram

D. network diagram

Answer: C

Q152. You are assigned to a project that has already been decided to be outsourced. As a project manager, you need to organize a formal bid process and select the vendor for this project. Your senior management is forcing you to select a vendor which has good relation with your senior management. What is the BEST course of action for you?

A. Follow the formal bid process, and show the senior management about why the favored vendor is or is not the best choice.

B. Report to legal department of your company.

C. Report to your Manager about this.

D. Get a written permission from your senior management to bypass the formal bid process.

Answer: A

Q153. What is one of the advantages of a functional organization?

A. All employees report to two or more managers

B. The organization is focused on projects.

C. Teams are co located.

D. All employees report to one manager and have a clear chain of command.

Answer: D

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Far out PMI-002 exam question:

Q154. Formal acceptance by the client or sponsor of the project should be prepared and distributed during which process?

A. Distribute Information

B. Administrative Closeout

C. Organizational Planning

D. Report Performance

Answer: B

Q155. You are a project manager for your organization. Management has asked you to help them determine which projects should be selected for implementation. In a project selection model, which one of the following is the most important factor?

A. Business needs

B. Type of constraints

C. Budget

D. Schedule

Answer: A

Q156. Which of the following are not the tools and techniques for source selection?

A. a weighting system.

B. Organizational policies

C. Independent estimates.

D. A screening system.

Answer: B

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Exact PMI-002 samples:

Q157. Cost benefit analysis, scorecard modelling, payback periods, and internal rate of return are examples of:

A. Enterprise benefits measurement methods when selecting a project

B. Integral parts of the SOW

C. Ways to ensure stakeholder commitment

D. Project selection methods

Answer: A

Q158. You are project manager of a project and as part of the team acquisition process; you hire a new employee and assigns him to your project team. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what needs level he most likely is at?

A. Social need

B. Physical need

C. Safety and security

D. Security

Answer: A

Q159. The main purpose of project initiation is to ________.

A. Assign the project manager to the project

B. Formally describe the project

C. Produce the project charter

D. Formally authorize the project

Answer: D

Q160. A technique for resolving conflict in which the parties agree to have a neutral third party hear the dispute and make a decision is called __________.

A. Negotiation

B. Arbitration

C. Smoothing

D. Forcing

Answer: B

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