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2016 Aug 1Z0-510 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Identify three methods that are supported by the Out of the Box Form handler RepositoryFormHandler. 

A. RepositoryFormHandler does not provide any methods. 

B. Create 

C. Delete 

D. Select 

E. Update 

F. Select All 

Answer: BCE 

Q32. Which statement about Importing or exporting ATG promotions is true? 

A. Promotions can be imported only into the Asset Management instance of ATG. 

B. PromotionImportExportintegrator must be used to map the ATG Commerce Promotions with your external system. 

C. The list of promotions exported is controlled by either providing the list of IDs of the promotions to be exported OR by providing an RQL query that returns the required list. 

D. You can import only PMDL version 2 (ATG 10 promotions) with the ATG Promotions Import/Export API. 

E. Import or Export Closeness Qualifiers is not supported by the ATG Promotions Import/Export API. 

Answer: C 

Q33. Which repository is used to store information about converted orders? 

A. /atg/commerce/order/OrderRepository 

B. /atg/commerce/order/abandoned/AbandonedOrderLogRepository 

C. /atg/userprofiling/ProfileAdapterRepository 

D. Converted orders information is not stored in the repository. 

Answer: B 

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Improved 1Z0-510 exam topics:

Q34. Your company would like to serve personalization content based on the last item viewed by the customer. What is the highest level of scope (Global being highest) that the slot component can have? 

A. Global 

B. Session 

C. Request 

D. Window 

Answer: B 

Q35. Which three methods are recommended for removing a profile marker from the profile? 

A. the "deleteMarkers" method on the atg.markers.userprofiling.ProfileMarkerManager class 

B. Use a scenario with tin- "Remove markers from profile" action. 

C. Use the ProfileMarkerDmplot. 

D. Use the RemoveAllMarkersFromProfileDroplet. 

E. Profile markers are automatically deleted at the end of the session. 

Answer: B 

Q36. Which item descriptor in the SiteRepository is used to define Site Categories? 

A. siteConfiguration 

B. siteTemplate 

C. siteGroup 

D. siteCategory 

Answer: B

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Q37. When using programmatic repository data access, each database operation is automatically wrapped in transaction of which mode? 

A. Required 

B. Supports 

C. Mandatory 

D. RequiresNew 

E. NotSupported 

Answer: B 

Q38. How does the ATG's pipeline manager identify the next element in the pipeline to be executed within a chain? 

A. using data in the Profile Marker 

B. through the Pipeline registry XML data 

C. using data in the Order marker 

D. via the transition tag in Pipeline Definition Files 

E. by using the component configuration of the pipeline manager component 

Answer: E 

Q39. When would you use the QueryOptions class? 

A. to get database-specific hints for query optimization 

B. to limit the size of the result set, direct how the result set should be sorted, and pre cache specified properties 

C. for optimization, providing values to parameterized queries, and database hints 

D. No such class exists. 

Answer: B 

Q40. What is the outcome when both the SiteScope and SiteIds properties are set on the component? 

A. The site scope is set to all the sites by default. 

B. The site scope is set to the current site. 

C. The siteScope property is ignored. 

D. The siteIds property is ignored. 

Answer: C 

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