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Q21. A customer reports that it cannot establish a vPC peer link between two Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switches. The interfaces on both switches are configured and cabled correctly. The interface status is up/down on switch 1 and up/up on switch 2. Which three steps are taken to isolate the root cause? (Choose three.) 

A. ask the customer if the link was ever functional 

B. determine whether the fiber-optic cable type (single mode or multimode) matches the X2 modules 

C. swap the fiber-optic cable with one known to be good 

D. swap the transceivers between the two interfaces 

E. swap the ends of the fiber-optic cable 

Answer: CDE 

Q22. Which three of these would cause two switch fabrics not to merge? (Choose three.) 

A. Two or more switches do not have at least one assigned domain ID in common. 

B. Two switches have different assigned VSANs on the connecting ports. 

C. Two switches have different assigned VLANs on the connecting ports. 

D. The static domain ID does not override the dynamic ID. 

E. The election of the static domain is only determined by the WWNs of the two switches. 

F. The physical connectivity between the two switches is not active. 

Answer: ABF 

Q23. Which command is used to check for potential vPC configuration consistency problems? 

A. show vpc brief interface 

B. show vpc global config 

C. show vpc consistency-parameters global 

D. show vpc config 


Q24. It has been determined that unknown unicast, multicast, and broadcasttraffic is not correctly being switched through either Nexus 7010 switch. Whichstatement best describes the cause of this issue? 

A. No VLANs are allowed across the vPC peer link. 

B. The MST STP is not enabled on either switch. 

C. The default VLAN is inactive. 

D. VTP is not configured to handle this type of traffic. 



The MST STP is not enabled on either switch From both switches the “show spanning-tree mst” command show that the switch is not in MST mode.

Q25. You have enabled configuration synchronization between two Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switches. You create a port channel on switch 1 and determine that it was not synchronized with its peer. The peer switch can be pinged on the management VRF. When you check your peer status, you receive a "peer not reachable" message in the command output. What is the explanation for this? 

A. CDP is disabled. 

B. An LACP mismatch exists on the peer interfaces. 

C. UDLD is disabled. 

D. CFSoIP is disabled. 

E. Multicast routing is enabled. 


Q26. While the Nexus 7010 switches are configured with vPC, the Nexus 5000 switch connections to each Nexus 7010 are configured as regular port-channels. Which statement best describes the problem affecting the port channel on N5K1? 

A. LACP is not configured to initiate negotiations. 

B. N5K1 must also be configured with vPC. 

C. load-balancing is not configured correctly on N5K1. 

D. The remote ends of the port-channel on N5K1 cannot use the same interface 



The remote ends of the port-channel on N5K1 cannot use the same interface.

If you look at the remote ends and issue the “show interface port-channel, you will see thatonly one physical interface is assigned to the port channel.

Q27. Which three commands will show all the MAC addresses learned from remote sites in an OTV overlay? (Choose three.) 

A. show otv arp-nd-cache 

B. show otv route overlay 

C. show otv vlan 

D. show ip arp 

E. show mac address-table 

F. show otv site 

Answer: ABE 

Q28. Which command would you use to check the status of your configuration synchronization peer? 

A. N5K2# show switch-profile peer 

B. N5K2# show config-sync peer 

C. N5K2# show synch peer 

D. N5K2# show peer status 

E. N5K2# show switch peer 


Q29. When using a Cisco Nexus 5500 and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, how can a port channel interface be configured? 

A. Layer 3 interface 

B. Layer 3 interface in non-admin VDC only 

C. Layer 3 interface in admin VDC only 

D. Layer 3 interface in VDC 1 only 


Q30. Which statement is true regarding how OTV edge devices will react based on the configuration of the VLANs being extended across the overlay network? 

A. Any VLANs not extended will not be populated in the local OTV route table. 

B. Only the same-site edge AED device controls which VLANs are to be extended. 

C. Any extended VLANs will not be populated in the remote OTV route table. 

D. By default, all VLANs on an edge device will be extended.