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Exam Code: 1z0-482 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Data Integrator 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Aug 1z0-482 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. You are designing a Load Plan in which you need to run Interfaces A and B one after the other while running Interface C at the same time. Which steps do you need to follow to achieve this?

A. Add a Parallel step, add two Serial steps underneath it, and then add A and B to one serial step and C to the other one

B. Add a Parallel step, drag A and B and C into the Parallel step

C. Add aParallel step, add two Parallel steps underneath it, and then add A and B to one Parallel step and C to the other one

D. Add a Parallel step, add three serial steps underneath it, and then add A to the first Serial step, to the second one, and then C to the last one

Answer: A

Q22. Select four correct scenarios where EDQ parsing is beneficial.

A. There are separate attributes for Titles, Forenames, and Family names, but the values are not always in the right fields.

B. Names are well-structured, but the Gender field is often missing.

C. The data contains product descriptions in the string field and you need to extract the size and weight of each product.

D. Addresses are contained in a single string field and are difficult to verify.

E. Phone numbers are sometimes embedded in the customer name and address.

Answer: ACDE

Q23. Select the three correct options for Token Checking in the EDQ parser.

A. Checking against a list of values.

B. Checking for duplicates.

C. Checking against a list of patterns.

D. Checking for typing errors.

E. Checking against a list of regular expressions.

Answer: ABE

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Leading 1z0-482 exam answers:

Q24. In an ODI Interface, when defining a join, can you always choose "Ordered Join Syntax"?

A. Yes, this option is always available.

B. No, you can never make this choice.

C. No,this option is inherited from reverse engineering.

D. No,it may be available if the underlying technology supports it.

Answer: A

Q25. After invoking an Enterprise Data Quality Job from ODI, where can you monitor the detailed progress of that Job?

A. In Operator

B. In Enterprise Data Quality

C. In ODI Console

D. In Enterprise Manager

Answer: C

Q26. When using a customized reverse knowledge module, can the execution be done only on the development environment?

A. No, all environments linked to a logical schema can be used to reverse-engineer table structure,

B. No, only the production environment can be used.

C. No, only a Java engine intermediate environment can be processed.

D. Yes, as long as the other environment is a mirrored copy.

Answer: A

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Pinpoint 1z0-482 :

Q27. Select the two correct reasons that might lead you to use EDQ Transformation Processors rather than transform data in ODI.

A. EDQ is faster than ODI at performing transformations.

B. The data needs to be mapped to a coded value.

C. Some data needs to be aggregated, producing a total value from multiple rows.

D. When converting string dates, EDQ does not need all source fields to be valid dates.

E. When a standardized or derived data value is needed for matching records.

Answer: CD

Q28. Select two correct answers. ODI and EDQ can share the same infrastructure If .

A. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and WebLogic to host the web application

B. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and WebSphere to host the web application

C. They use any DB as a repository and any compatible web application server

D. They use an Oracle DB as a repository and Tomcat to host the web application

E. ODI and EDQ cannot share the same infrastructure, they both have different architecture

Answer: AB

Q29. What is a relationship in a matching process?

A. It is how many matched records exist globally.

B. It is matching functions that determine how well two records match each other, for a given identifier.

C. It is a link between two records, created by automatic match rules and manual decisions.

D. A Relationship determines how many comparison results are interpreted during the matching process.

Answer: B

Q30. Identify three objects from which scenarios can be generated.

A. Interface

B. Variable

C. Package

D. Knowledge modules

E. Trail

F. Extract

Answer: ABC

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