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2016 Aug 200-601 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which describes the relationship between a workgroup bridge? 

A. Wired clients of a workgroup bridge can communicate, through the workgroup bridge, with wireless clients of an autonomous or a controller-based access point 

B. Wireless clients of a controller-based AP can communicate, through the workgroup bridge, with wireless clients of an autonomous access point 

C. Wireless clients of an autonomous access point can communicate with wired clients of a workgroup bridge, but Wireless clients of a controller-based access point cannot communicate with wired clients of a workgroup bridge 

D. Wireless clients of a controller-based access point can communicate with wired clients of a workgroup bridge, but Wireless clients of an autonomous access point cannot communicate with wired clients of a workgroup bridge 

Answer: A 

Q2. Refer to the exhibit. 

L3SW1 has a spanning-tree priority of 8192 set on VLANs 1, 300, and 301, and these VLANs are configured on and trunked between all switches. Executing the command show spanning-tree blockedports on L2SW5 results in: 

L2SW5# show spanning-tree blockedports 

Name.Blocked Interfaces List VLAN0001.Gi1/1 



An additional VLAN, VLAN302, is defined on all switches and trunked between them. VLAN302 access ports are set up on each of the switches and PLC#1, I/O#1, and the PanelView are attached. You expect the new VLAN to be listed as blocked on interface GigabitEthernet1/1 of L2SW5 but it is not. The three new devices are able to communicate with each other. 

After executing the same command on all switches you see this output on L2SW4: 

L2SW4# show spanning-tree blockedports 

Name.Blocked Interfaces List 




Why is VLAN302 forwarding on L2SW5 interface GigabitEthernet 1/1 and L2SW4 interface GigabitEthernet 1/1 and 1/2? 

A. VLAN302 is not configured in the VLAN database on L2SW5 

B. VLAN302 is not in the allowed list on the L2SW5 interface GigabitEthernet1/1 trunk 

C. L2SW4 is the spanning tree root for VLAN 302 

D. The FO3 fiber-optic cable between L2SW4 and damaged 

Answer: C 

Q3. Which selection is a reason why IGMP snooping should be configured on a switched network? 

A. IGMP snooping populates the snooping table with the results of DHCP requests and can be used by Dynamic ARP Inspection to block IP spoofing attacks at Layer-2. 

B. IGMP snooping verifies the source IP address of every IPv4 packet to ensure that it hasn't been originated from a port different than its return path. 

C. IGMP snooping is used to filter ping requests and results to avoid overflowing the MAC address table of the switch. 

D. IGMP snooping allows a Layer-2 switch to limit the transmission of multicast frames to only the ports that have members of the relevant IGMP group. 

Answer: D 

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Q4. Which two actions are examples of network device hardening for Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches? (Choose two) 

A. Disable unused services 

B. Shutdown network ports which are not in use 

C. Only allow administrative access using Telnet 

D. Deploy IP67 versions of Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches 

E. Set the native VLAN on all trunk ports to VLAN 1 

Answer: A,B 

Q5. It is determined that an intermittent high packet loss event is occurring within a segment of the network. The assigned task is to determine the cause. Which of these conditions should be suspected? 





Answer: D 

Q6. You have reached the limit of IPv4 IGMP groups available on a Cisco IE 3000 switch that was deployed using the Express Setup. Which CLI command will increase the number of 

available IPv4 IGMP groups and multicast routes from 256 to 1000 on this switch? 

A. switch(config)#sdm prefer routing 

B. switch(config)#sdm prefer vlan igmp 

C. switch(config)#sdm prefer routing igmp 

D. switch(config)#sdm prefer vlan 

Answer: A 

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Q7. After commissioning several Stratix 5700 switches in a ring topology, you want to verify the installation against the network logical design. Specifically, you want to verify where the 

IGMP querier resides. What command can be issued in CLI to display the IP of the querier per VLAN? 

A. switch# show ip igmp snooping querier 

B. switch# show igmp snooping querier 

C. switch# show igmp querier 

D. switch# show ip igmp querier 

Answer: A 

Q8. Given the CIA triad elements, which ensures first that the data is encrypted and secure, second that the data is trustworthy, and third that the data is accessible by those who need it? 





Answer: A 

Q9. Refer to the exhibit. Which lines represent a CIP connection being established between two devices? 

A. 2914 and 2915 

B. 2918 and 2921 

C. 2920 and 2924 

D. 2937 and 2940 

Answer: B 

Q10. A ProfiNET management system operator is unable to add a ProfiNET Conformance Class B device to a SIMATIC management station. The device is connected to interface 

FastEthernet1/3. Based on the provided CLI output, which statement is correct? 

switch#show profinet lldp Fa1/1.port-003-00000 On Fa1/2.port-004-00000 On Fa1/3.port-005-00000 Off Fa1/4.port-006-00000 Off Fa1/5.port-007-00000 On Fa1/6.port-008-00000 Off Fa1/7.port-009-00000 On Fa1/8.port-010-00000 Off 

A. LLDP has been disabled on this switch 

B. The connected device is not sending LLDP packets with ProfiNET extensions 

C. The port label needs to be changed on interface FastEthernet 1/3 to "port-003-00000" 

D. ProfiNET is disabled on this switch 

Answer: B 

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