Top 10 secret 771-101 for client (51 to 60)

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2016 Jul 771-101 Study Guide Questions:


GTM uses the F5………….protocol to synchronize performance metrics between GTMdevices. (Fill in) 

Answer: iQuery 

Q52. Which four of the following items are physical objects used by GTM? 

A. Virtual servers 

B. Links C. Servers 

D. Wide IPs 

E. Data centers 

F. Pools 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: These components include: Data centers, Servers, Links, Virtual servers Links + Wide IPs + Data centers + Pools Links + Wide IPs + Data centers + Virtual servers Links + Servers + Virtual servers + Poolsthe physical network, such as data centers, servers, and links, and the components that comprise the logicalnetwork, such as wide IPs, pools, and global settings. Most of the configuration components you build usingthe Configuration utility are saved to the wideip.conf file. Logical objects/components include: Listeners – Pools – Wide IPs – Distributed applications 

Q53. An age-based policy is set up on the ARX that retains only data modified in the Iast 3 months on tier 1 storageand moves the rest of the data to secondary storage. What happens when the end user tries to access datathat has not been touched in 6 months? 

A. The end user is unaware that the data has been moved to secondary tier storage and is able to access thedata without difficulty 

B. The networking mapping window appears, allowing the end user to re-establish direct access to the dataeven though it has been moved to secondary storage 

C. An error message appears saying "File is no longer unavailable." 

D. A message appears explaining that the file has been archived, and a link to the new secondary storage tierlocation is provided 

Answer: A 

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Q54. Which is NOT an ASM protectionmethod for cross site scripting? 

A. Signatures 

B. URl chacactsr set limiting 

C. Token injection 

D. Parameter character set limiting 

Answer: C 

Q55. What is NOT a benefit of using a SNAT? 

A. ASM can be deployed easily 

B. No changes are needed on the servers 

C. Higher performance than other configurations 

D. Fail open is easy to add 

Answer: C 

Q56. LTM runs on______F5's proprietary product platform. (Fill in the correct answer) 


B. Firepass 

C. Acopia 


Answer: D 

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Q57. ASM offers the most extensive, effective, and simplest to configure CSRF protection in theWAF market. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A 

Q58. Which of the following is NOT included on the F5 DevCentral site? 

A. Subscription purchasing options 

B. Actual iRules written by other customers 

C. iRules reference materials 

D. Forums 

E. The F5 iRule editor 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: 

Subscription purchasing options is in Partner Resource Center 

Q59. When a business is hacked, they often lose more than money. What are the other consequences to abusiness as a result of being hacked?Select two. 

A. Helpful third party reviews of the security needs of the customer's web applications 

B. Valuable free press that occurs as companies address hacking incidents 

C. Penalties related to non-compliance with laws and regulations 

D. Final resolution of all security vulnerabilities of the business' web applications 

E. Loss of customers when slow connections drive customers to competitor's site 

Answer: A,D 

Q60. When installing LTM on different VIPRION performance blades, each instance of LTM 

needs tobe licensed separately. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B 

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