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2016 Aug 1Z0-807 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which two security threats are negated by encrypting network transactions with Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

A. SQL injection

B. Session hijacking

C. Man in the middle

D. Cross-site scripting

E. Denial of service

Answer: BC

Q42. StockTeller is a Java-based application designed to retrieve the current market for a portfolio of publicly listed stocks. You have been tasked to design a bolt on module for StockTeller called EBroker, a Java E-based online application that needs to asynchronously communicate with StockTeller to retrieve market prices for securities in a secure manner.

Which web service technology would you choose to integrate StockTeller into the EBroker application?

A. JAX-WS using HTTP




Answer: B

Q43. You are conducting a security audit for a web application that uses URL rewriting. The application does not allow for user-generated content and is accessible only via secured VPN.

Which two security threats would you prioritize in your audit?

A. SQL injection

B. Cross-site scripting

C. Parameter-site manipulating

D. Session hijacking

E. Denial-of-service attacks

Answer: CD

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Update 1Z0-807 exam guide:

Q44. A company that sells avatar skins tor virtual reality environments has a static website for advertising their wares. The website was built using What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) html editor and also contains a lot of JavaScript. The company now wants to add server side processing capabilities developing a shopping application, the company is considering using JavaServer Faces (JSF)

Which statement is true?

A. The JavaScrip code has to be rewritten to conform to JSF standards.

B. JSF tags cannot be integrated into the HTML generated by WYSIWYG editors.

C. The web pages cannot be previewed accurately with a generic WYSIWYG HIML editor.

D. The web pages must be converted into Face lets.

Answer: C

Q45. Which two features are supported by the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API?

A. Single sign on

B. Secure network connections

C. Configurable access control policies

D. Web services security

E. Message encryption and key generation

Answer: AC

Q46. Which is an objective of the Strategy pattern?

A. To provide a way to configure a class with one of many behaviors

B. To define an object that encapsulates how a set of objects interacts

C. To define the skeleton of an algorithm, deferring some steps to subclasses

D. To decouple an abstraction horn its implementation so that the two can vary independently

E. To define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one, and make them interchangeable

F. To allow subclasses to redefine certain steps of an algorithm without changing the algorithm's structure

Answer: A

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Q47. A company is extending is successful social networking site to support the following channels: instant messaging (IM), email messaging and text messaging/SMS. At present, the site has scaled 400% in one year using a standard MVC Web framework the application experiences large surges or spikes in demand and also periods of inactivity. Notification delivery to the three channels does not need to be guaranteed.

Which solutions extends the current architecture and best meets the company’s requirements?

A. Send the notification inline, that is, within the normal HTTP request-response cycle.

B. Place messaging on a Java messaging Service (JMS) queue and use message-driven beans (MDBs) to create and send notifications.

C. Insert the messages into a database and use plain old Java Objects (POJOs) to read the messaging using JDBC and send notifications.

D. Insert the messages into a database and use entity beans to read the messages using JDBC and send notifications.

Answer: B

Q48. Which three principles are best practices when implementing a logging strategy for an enterprise application?

A. Never print log messages to the console window.

B. Use the appropriate logger level for logging information.

C. Log messages for every method entry and exit.

D. Include programmer-specific data in the log messages.

E. Include the thread name and Java class name in log messages.

Answer: BCD

Q49. Which two statements are true about the timer service of a business component container?

A. Timed notifications for all types of session beans can be scheduled by using this service.

B. When the server is shut down, the timer is persisted automatically and becomes active again when the server is restarted.

C. Each instance of message driven beans has unique timers.

D. When stateful session bean instance is removed, the container detaches the timers associated with the instance and allocates them to the new instance.

E. When a transaction is rolled hark, the timer creation within the transaction is also rolled back.

Answer: BE

Q50. You are implementing an online music that will store and play a user’s collection of songs. You want users to rate their songs and view the top songs from friends. All queries must complete in four seconds or less.

Which approach would meet the response time requirement with minimal overhead?

A. Java class that uses JDBC with embedded SQL

B. Java class that uses an optimized stored procedure

C. JPA entity class with a lazy fetching strategy

D. JPA entity class with an eager fetching strategy

Answer: B

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