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2016 Dec 1Z0-531 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. You need to display a text value based on variance data in an ASO database. If the variance percentage is less than 10, users should see "Low Priority," if the variance percentage is between 11 and 25, users should see "Medium Priority," and if the variance percentage is greater than 25, users should see High Priority." The Essbase feature that supports this capability is:

A. Text List

B. Format string

C. Text data type of a measure

D. Trigger

E. Not possible in an ASO database

Answer: B

Q32. You are trying to create a multidimensional model for Essbase and learn that your user wants to track commission for his sales persons, in addition to tracking sale by regions. When designing a multidimensional model, which two elements will serve as facts (measures)?

A. Sales person

B. Commission

C. New York

D. Sales

E. Year to Date

Answer: DE

Q33. Given the following information, what is the block size?

A. 400 KB

B. 400 Bytes

C. 1056 KB

D. 50 Bytes

E. 1056 Bytes

F. 50 KB

G. 70 KB

Answer: B

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Q34. Identify the five true statements.

A. CALC DIM is faster than AGG on Sparse dimensions

B. AGG is faster than CALC DIM on Sparse dimensions

C. CALC DIM calculates member formulas

D. AGG calculates member formulas

E. CALC DIM calculates Sparse dimensions

F. AGG calculates Sparse dimensions

G. CALC DIM calculates Dense dimensions

H. AGG calculates Dense dimensions

Answer: BCEFG

Q35. The following two members would be optimally tagged Label Only.

A. "Profit"

B. "Rations"

C. "Scenario"

D. "Q1"

E. "January"

Answer: BC

Q36. What are five reasons to use Attributes over a Shared Members dimension?

A. To create crosstab reports

B. To describe a dense dimension

C. To describe a sparse dimension

D. To perform comparisons based on certain type of data

E. To perform calculations based on characteristics

F. To add dimensionality to the database without increasing database size

Answer: ACDEF

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Q37. Market size is an attribute dimension with the following members: Large, Medium, and Small.

Which of the following options below represent valid syntax statements in a calc script?


B. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, "Market Size");

C. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, Market Size);

D. FIX(Large)

Answer: AC

Q38. You notice that your reports are running slower than before and realized that nothing in terms of data volume or dimension members has changed. You also checked the log file and found that no one ran any calculation.

Which two would you look for to diagnose the cause of this slower response time?

A. Run a MaxL comment to see if the database is fragmented

B. Check when was the last time the application was stopped

C. Check the data cache setting

D. Check the commit-level setting

Answer: AC

Q39. Which files will get restructured in a full BSO restructure?

A. Data file only

B. Index file only

C. Data and index file

D. No file

Answer: C

Q40. The data block density for a particular BSO database is between 10% and 90%, and data values within the block do not consecutively repeat. Which type of compression would be most appropriate to use?

A. Bitmap



D. No compression required

Answer: A

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