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Q11. Which OSPF feature allows the router to recompute SPF changes for only the affected part of the SPT? 


B. fast hellos 

C. BFD across the entire backbone area 

D. incremental SPF 


Q12. Which multicast feature listens multicast conversations maintaining a map in order to control which ports receive specific multicast traffic? 

A. Bidirectional PIM 

B. Source Specific Multicast 

C. PIM assertion 

D. IGMP snooping 


Q13. Which is the main characteristic of LTE architecture compared to other mobile architectures? 

A. Provides supports to deploy Layer 3 MPLS VPN model, where other mobile architectures do not support. 

B. Offers node redundancy with the static route configured on the IP NodeB using the HSRP/VRRP virtual ip address. 

C. Provides a simpler, less hierarchical model with the capability of simplistically distributing the core gateways. 

D. Introduces a hierarchical model with connection-oriented service requirements and one-to-one relationships. 


Explanation:,+less+hierarchical+mo del+with+the+capability+of+simplistically+distributing+the+core+gateways.&source=bl&ots =Bwpk3CQ_jN&sig=2-kgrCA_7hEX3kuvSxWVV2AnAS0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMI_5La8tbCx wIVgZ6OCh1N7gHa#v=onepage&q=LTE%20Provides%20a%20simpler%2C%20less%20 hierarchical%20model%20with%20the%20capability%20of%20simplistically%20distributing %20the%20core%20gateways.&f=false 

Q14. On a Cisco ASR 1000 Series, which hardware component is used to build and distribute the forwarding plane information to all line cards? 

A. RP 





Q15. Refer to the exhibit. R3 cannot install a route to R1-R2 subnet 2001:1:155:12::/64. Which action resolves this issue? 

A. Add the redistribute ospf 1 include-connected command under the ipv6 router eigrp 10 process. 

B. For the OSPF process, add the no shutdown command. 

C. For prefix-list OSPF_INTO_EIGRP seq 20, replace the prefix with 2001:155:1:12::/64. 

D. For route-map OSPF_INTO_EIGRP, add the set metric 1000 1 255 1 1500 command. 



Q16. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which MPLS TE component keeps track of the flooding and admission control? 

A. MPLS TE priorities 


C. link attributes 

D. link manager 


Q17. Refer to the exhibit. 

An engineer observes that the MC-LAG bundle is down on the active aggregation device. Which is the reason for this issue? 

A. The number of configured minimum links is the same of the maximum links available in the bundle. 

B. The ICCP redundancy group is configured with the same system MAC address 

C. The ICCP redundancy group is configured with the system priority. 

D. The number of minimum configured links is greater than the number of links operational in the bundle 



Q18. Refer to the exhibit. After the BGP TCP negotiation between RouterA and RouterB, what will be the value of the keep alive timer and the hold-down timer, respectively? 

A. 3 seconds and 9 seconds 

B. 60 seconds and 180 seconds 

C. 10 seconds and 9 seconds 

D. no value, because BGP negotiation will not be successful 

E. 10 seconds and 10 seconds 

F. 10 seconds and 30 seconds 

G. 3 seconds and 30 seconds 

H. 3 seconds and 10 seconds 


Q19. Which BGP feature improves the convergence and response time to adjacency changes with BGP neighbors? 

A. reducing BGP scanner timing to the minimum that is supported 

B. BGP Multihop 

C. Next-Hop Address Tracking 

D. Fast Peering Session Deactivation 

E. TTL Security Check 



Q20. A Service Provider is designing control policies at the customer edge of the network, in order to prevent usage that exceeds the contracted terms. A new client that is contracted for only 2 Gbps is connecting to the Service Provider edge with a 10 Gbps interface. Which two QoS strategies meet the design goal? (Choose two.) 

A. On the service Provider edge, enable traffic shaping on the customer port. 

B. On the customer edge device, enable traffic shaping on the interface that is connected to the Service Provider. 

C. On the customer edge device, enable policing on the interface that is connected to the Service Provider. 

D. On the service Provider edge, enable policing on the customer port. 

E. On the service Provider edge, enable WRED on the customer port. 

F. On the customer edge, enable WRED on the interface that is connected to the Service Provider. 

Answer: B,D