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Q1. Which HPE tool provides a mix of validated storage configurations, guidelines, and suggestions on a variety of HPE storage solutions? 

A. HPE Product Bulletin 

B. HPE SalesBuilder for Windows 

C. HPE Single Point of connectivity Knowledge 

D. HPE Storage Sizing Tool 


Q2. A customer wants to replace existing EVA storage. You propose an HPE 3PAR StoreServ and want to ensure that your design meets the customer's current IOPS requirement. 

Which resources or tools are required to size a solution based on the existing infrastructure? (Select two.) 

A. HPE Storage Optimizer 

B. HP Command View EVAPerf 

C. HPE 3PAR StoreServ QuickSpecs 


E. HPE Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge 

Answer: B,D 

Q3. Which service is used in a NAS environment, but not a SAN environment? 

A. block access services 

B. direct access services 

C. object access services 

D. file access services 


Q4. A customer wants to learn more about the HPE backup solution that you recently proposed. Which resource will help show its value? 

A. HPE ActiveAnswers 

B. HPE Smart Portal 


D. HPE Virtual Resource Portal 


Q5. Which HPE management tool provides a single integrated management environment with powerful search capabilities and an open architecture? 

A. HPE Insight Remote Support 

B. HPE Systems Insight Manager 

C. HPE OneView 



Q6. Which types of data can be combined together for HPE Converged Storage. (Select three.) 

A. structured 

B. block 

C. metadata 

D. object 

E. file 

F. unstructured 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q7. Which HPE 3PAR StoreServ virtualization technology provides DHAM cache extension to reduce application response time for read intensive I/O workloads? 

A. Priority Optimization 

B. Adaptive Flash Cache 

C. Persistent Cache 

D. Rapid Provisioning 



Q8. Which device connects SAS initiators, expanders, and targets? 

A. backplane 

B. expander 

C. initiator 

D. target 


Q9. What is the term for the maximum allowable period for a business to be without a specific application should a disaster occur? 

A. Service Level Objective 

B. Service Level Agreement 

C. Recovery Point Objective 

D. Recovery Time Objective 

Answer: A


45. A customer is experiencing rapid data growth and requires more backup data to be available online. Which technology could benefit the customer? 

A. deduplication 

B. wide striping 

C. snapshots 

D. tiering 


Q10. A customer needs to be able to manually map out preferred paths within a fabric, based on application, priority, and topology, while allowing failover to a non-preferred path if the preferred path fails. 

Which SN3000B feature should you recommend to the customer to provide this functionality? 

A. frame filtering 

B. advanced zoning 

C. quality of service 

D. traffic isolation zones 


Explanation: d