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2016 Sep 1z0-481 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. You have configured and added the extract and Replicate tasks using the direct load method what do you need to do to get the processes up and running?

A. Start the Extract task.

B. Start the Extract task and then start the Replicat task.

C. Start the Extract task; wait for it to stop and than start the Replicate task.

D. Start the Replicate task

Answer: A


In reference guide, page 279, "Use the RMTTASK parameter for an initial-load Extract to initiate a Replicat processing task during a GoldenGate direct load or a direct bulk load to SQL*Loader. RMTTASK directs Extract to communicate directly with Replicat over TCP/IP and bypasses the use of aCollector process or disk storage. RMTTASK also directs Extract to request that Managerstart Replicat automatically, and then stop Replicat when the run is finished. "

Q2. In addition to using the parameter comment to enter remarks in parameter file(s) can be used?

A. – –

B. //

C. \\\\

D. /*

Answer: A

Q3. Neither your source, nor your target table has a primary key, and you have not designated KEYCOLS. How will the Replicat proceed to identify matching target rows to update or delete?

A. The first unique key alpha-numerically, excluding virtual columns and nullable columns, will be treated as the primary key.

B. This configuration is not supported by GoldenGate; Replicat will abend on updates or deletes.

C. The first column, excluding virtual columns and nullable columns, will be treated as the pr key.

D. The combination of all fields up to the first thirty-two will be treated as a compound primary key

Answer: A



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Q4. How do you control the size of the buffer that contains data extracted from?





Answer: C 


Reference :

Q5. Which best describes the function of OGG user tokens?

A. User-defined variables

B. Security tokens

C. User privileges

D. User-defined functions

Answer: A

Q6. How many Extracts can write to the same GoldGate trail?

A. Only one

B. Up to 10

C. Up to 50

D. Unlimited

Answer: A

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Q7. What us expected behavior of CHEKPARMS parameter?

A. The process checks the parameter syntax and then starts running.

B. The process checks the parameter syntax and then stops.

C. A report file is created listing all missing parameters.

D. A report file is created listing all default values not specified in the parameter file.

Answer: B


In reference guide, page 131, and I quote "Without processing data, GoldenGate audits the syntax and connects to the database to verify that listed tables exist. If there is a syntax failure, the process abends with GoldenGate error 190. If the syntax succeeds, the process stops and writes a message to the report file that the parameters processed successfully."

Q8. Select the function that stores environmental values.





Answer: C

Q9. When would you use the PASSTHRU parameter?

A. When using a data pump to distribute all of the trail data "as is" to a remote system.

B. When Extract is processing database transaction logs where you have a remote database connection.

C. For a SPECIALRUN one-time processing task that is doing an initial load.

D. When Extract is processing database transaction logs and writing to a local trial that will be read by a local Replicat.

Answer: A



Q10. Which parameter tells Extract the tables for which to capture changes?

A. Table




Answer: A



GoldenGate Commands: Extract

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