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2016 Dec 840-425 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which option describes what extending requirements analysis allows you to do?

A. expand the scope of your project

B. give you more time to deliver on existing project commitments

C. go beyond the initial core requirements, to the next level of need, while also adding in new capabilities and solutions

D. speed up the procurement process for a cloud-based solution

Answer: C

Q12. Which option describes a reason to document the benefits and risks expected from a business case?

A. to have a basis for the project manager's performance rating

B. to have a consistent basis for judging the effectiveness of a solution

C. so that everyone has common understanding of problems that are likely to occur with the first release

D. to give the project sponsor a basis to support additional funding for deployment on a larger scale

Answer: B

Q13. The customer has previously implemented a Cisco network management solution. You have an opportunity to improve security and threat detection. Which approach is an appropriate way to tie together the benefits of the solutions?

A. Explain how the security software leverages underlying capabilities of the network management solution.

B. Describe how proprietary technology elements provide the customer with the most advanced solution, which eliminates risk to a business unit.

C. Identify the financial benefits not yet realized with the network management solution, and ensure they can be attained through the security solution.

D. Select the top five value-added aspects of the security solution, and model the financial benefit under three scenarios. This exercise gives insight into possible levels of benefit.

Answer: A

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Up to the minute 840-425 exam question:

Q14. Which option is part of a communication plan?

A. name and department number of email recipients

B. frequency and method to distribute status information

C. reporting structure for a department

D. rating of support

Answer: B

Q15. When assessing the solutions and services opportunities to increase the pipeline growth, which three options must be covered by the solution? (Choose three.)

A. What must be delivered.

B. What capabilities need to be supported.

C. Rollout strategy.

D. Cisco team solution knowledge.

E. Partner's team technical knowledge.

Answer: A,B,C

Q16. Which statement describes a risk that is associated with relying on a customer's IT department?

A. The timeframe for executing the tasks may be longer than if Cisco or a Partner did this work.

B. The business unit executive uncovers that the solution required some customization, tailoring, or configuration.

C. The IT executive takes credit for an activity which Cisco or the Partner should have executed.

D. The total cost of implementation is lower than you originally anticipated.

Answer: A

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Q17. Which two options are benefits of implementing IT as a Service? (Choose two.)

A. Shift from CAPEX to OPEX.

B. Shift from OPEX to CAPEX.

C. Does not require technical support.

D. Increases device dependency.

E. Provides predictable expenses.

Answer: A,E

Q18. Which option explains how a manager's viewpoint can be confirmed?

A. by validating with the manager's boss

B. by running a group session

C. by asking the manager for evidence

D. by restating the manager's view and asking if you understood correctly

Answer: D

Q19. Which action should you take when you analyze financial and non-financial factors for a business case?

A. Remain objective, using facts where possible and assumptions where needed.

B. Use assumptions for financial items more heavily, but leave nonfinancial items more general.

C. Ask the customer business executive to sign off on nonfinancial factors because the IT department typically has limited impact on them.

D. Limit communications to only a few nonfinancial factors because they are of little impact on a decision.

Answer: A

Q20. Which statement describes when it is a good time to apply a "use case"?

A. You must identify how many transactions should be included in a system test cycle.

B. You must understand the major process steps a customer wants for collaboration among its sales force personnel.

C. You must identify the network capacity required by a new Cisco TelePresence system.

D. You must estimate a company's cash flow impacts from upgrading security software to the latest version.

Answer: B

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