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Q1. Which three conditions must be true for unused block compression to be used automatically while performing backups by using RMAN? 

A. The compatible initialization parameter is set to 10.2 or higher. 

B. There are no guaranteed restore points defined for the database. 

C. The default device for the backup must be set to disk. 

D. The tablespaces are locally managed. 

E. The fast recovery area is less than 50 percentfree. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Reference: V89481(See unused block compression) 

Q2. user_data is a nonencryptedtablespace containing tables with data. 

You must encrypt ail data in this tablespace. 

Which three methods can do this? 

A. Use Data Pump. 



D. Use alter tablespace to encrypt the tablespace after enabling row movement on all its 

E. Use altertablespace to encrypt thetablespace. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q3. Your database has a table customers that contains the columns cust_name, amt_due, and old_status. 

Examine the commands executed and their output: 

SQL>UPDATEcustomersSETamt_due=amt_due+amt_due*l. 1WHEREcust_name='JAMES'; 

1row updated. 

SQL> ALTER TABLE customers DROP COLUMN old_status; 

Table Altered 

SQL> UPDATE customers SET amt_due=amt_due+amt_due*1.5 WHERE cust_r.ame='JAMES'; 

1 row updated. 


SQL> SELECT versions_xid AS XID, versior.s_startscr. AS START_SCN, 

versions_er.cscn AS END_SCN, versior.s_operatior. AS OPERATION', amt_due 



07002f00cl03000017063371706337 U3300 

Why is it that only one update is listed by the Flashback Version Query? 

A. Supplemental logging is not enabled for the database. 

B. The undo data that existed for versions of rows before the change to the table structure is invalidated. 

C. The db_flash3ACK_reteni:on_target parameter is set toa lower value and the undo data pertaining to the first transaction is flushed out. 

D. Undo retention guarantee is not enabled. 

E. Flashback Data Archive is full after the first update statement. 


Q4. In your database, there are tablespaces that were read-only when thelast backup was taken. These tablespaces have not been made read/write since then. You want to perform an incomplete recovery on the database by using a backup control file. 

What precaution must you take for the read-only tablespaces before performing anincomplete recovery? 

A. All the read-only tablespaces should be taken offline. 

B. All the read-only tablespaces should be restored separately. 

C. All the read-only tablespaces should be renamed to have the MISSINGnnnn format. 

D. All the read-only tablespacesshould be made online with logging disabled. 


Q5. You are connected to a pluggable database (PDB) as a common user with the sysdba privilege. The PDB is open and you issue the shutdown immediate command. 

What is the outcome? 

A. The PDB is closed. 

B. The PDB is placed in mount state. 

C. The command executes only if the common user is granted the set container privilege for the PDB. 

D. The command results in an error because the PDB can be shut down only by a local user. 



Q6. You issue the RMAN commands: 





Which three tasks are performed by the BACKUP DATABASE command? 

A. switching the online redo log file 

B. backing up all data files as image copies and archive log files, and deleting those archive log files 

C. backing up only the used blocks in the data files 

D. backing up all used and unused blocks in the data files 

E. backing up allarchived log files and marking them as obsolete 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q7. Which three types of failures are detected by the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)? 

A. loss of a non-critical data file 

B. loss of a control file 

C. physical data block corruption 

D. logical data block corruption 

E. loss of an archived redo log file 

Answer: A,B,C 

Reference: V89728 

Q8. Which four actions are possible during an Online Datafile Move operation? 

A. Creating and dropping tables in the datafile being moved 

B. Performing file shrinkof the data file being moved 

C. Querying tables in the datafile being moved 

D. Performing Block Media Recovery for a data block in the datafile being moved 

E. Flashing back the database 

F. Executing DML statements on objects stored in the datafile being moved 

Answer: A,C,E,F 

Explanation: You can now move On line Datafile without hove to stop Monoged Recovery and manually copy and rename Files. This can even be used to move Datafiles from or to ASM. 

-New in Oracle Database 12c: FROM METAUNK. Physical Standby Database is in Active Data Guard Mode (opened READ ONLY and Managed Recovery is running): It is now possible to online move a Datafile while Managed Recovery is running, ie. the Physical Standby Database is in Active Data Guard Mode. You con use this Command to move the Datafile 

-A flashback operation does not relocate a moved data file to its previous location. If you move a data file online from one location to another and later flash back the database to a point in time before the move, then the Data file remains in the new location, but the contents of the Data file ore changed to the contents at the time specified in the flashback. Oracle0 Database Administrator's Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1) 

Q9. A telecom company wishes to generate monthly bills to include details of customer calls, 

listed in order of time of call. 

Which table organization allows for generating the bills with minimum degree of row sorting? 

A. a hash cluster 

B. an index cluster 

C. a partitioned table 

D. a sorted hash cluster 

E. a heap table with a rowid column 


Q10. Which two are prerequisites for setting up Flashback Data Archive? 

A. Fast Recovery Area should be defined. 

B. Undo retention guarantee should be enabled. 

C. Supplemental logging should be enabled. 

D. Automatic Undo Management should be enabled. 

E. All users using Flashback Data Archive should have unlimitedquota on the Flashback Data Archive tablespace. 

F. The tablespace in which the Flashback Data Archive is created should have Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM) enabled. 

Answer: D,F 

Reference: 8) 

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