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2016 Sep 1Z0-807 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. You are the architect for XYZ bank. XYZ is redesigning their online banking offering and you need to ensure that the new design follows security best practices for the JEE platform.

Select three security best practices for JEE applications.

A. Schedule regular penetration testing.

B. Log all security related application events.

C. Implement an exception-handling strategy.

D. Encrypt data, both on the wire and at rest.

E. Use both programmatic and declarative security.

F. Treat users as untrusted even when authenticated.

Answer: BCE

Q52. Your development team wants to use Google Guice. A previous architect assigned this request a low priority, citing the complexity of integration and no compelling benefits statements from the requesting team.

The team claims that their colleagues have achieved the integration using a pattern. This pattern reduced the level of difficulty and risk and did not require vendor support.

Which pattern fits this description?

A. Context Holder

B. Service Starter

C. Dependency Injection Extender

D. Bean Locator

Answer: C

Q53. You are contracted to improve the performance of an application.

While analyzing the application, you observe the following issues:

Tight coupling between client and business objects

Too many remote method Invocations between client and server

Which design pattern is best suited to improving performance?

A. Web Service Broker

B. Session Fa├žade

C. Value List Handler

D. Data Access Object

E. Service Activator

Answer: B

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Q54. Which two statements are true about delegation as an Object-Oriented Design technique?

A. It is applied to a system only at compile time.

B. It is an essential element of the Singleton pattern.

C. It allows you to replace Inheritance with composition.

D. In Java technology, it is always implemented through the use of generics.

E. It always requires that at least two objects are involved in handling a request.

Answer: CE

Q55. Your company has decided to expose a set of business operations through an API so that clients can access them remotely. These operations, which are modeled as methods on a stateless session bean component, act as building blocks for complex state-changing activities that need to possess atomicity,, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) semantics.

Select the best technology to implement the API.

A. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

B. Java Message Service (JMS)

C. XML over HTTP

D. Java Connector Architecture (JCA)

Answer: A

Q56. Which three web applications work best when they are designed to be server-push enabled?

A. A news feed used for providing users with frequently updated news content

B. A web chat that allows users to communicate using easily accessible web interfaces

C. A live sporting event application, used to deliver current results during matches

D. An auction system that provides users with live online bidding

E. A graphics rendering application that generates visuals in an orderly fashion

Answer: BCD

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Q57. Which two types of applications benefit from using JavaServer Faces (JSF)?

A. An application with a customizable UI skin

B. An application that implements access control on each action based on user role.

C. An application in which type conversion of the values of UI components is implemented only in Java classes.

D. An application that sets specific database validation listeners on a UI component

Answer: CD

Q58. Your company is creating a Java EE corporate wide workflow system in winch significant internal business events are consumed by multiple applications. Due to multi-year development plans, many of these applications do not exist yet, even at the design stage.

IT has defined standard data formats for these events in the form of small XML documents.

Also, the rules for how an application filters and processes events are not fixed In advance and can change over the life or the application.

Which combination of technologies is best for distributing and consuming these events throughout the company?

A. Relational database and JDBC

B. HTTP client library and servlets

C. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and stateless session beans

D. Java Message Service (JMS) topics and message-driven beans

E. JMS queues and message-driven beans

Answer: D

Q59. Oasis Corporation has decided to develop a single Instance multi-tiered application with its existing EIS resources. You are the technical lead for the Integration team responsible for providing the following:

A common Interface that can easily access the heterogeneous EIS resources

Generic transaction mechanism support for EIS resource managers

A connection pool to legacy EIS resources

Which two technologies would you use to meet these requirements?






Answer: BC

Q60. Which three actions represent best practices when implementing an exception handling strategy for an application?

A. Create a custom checked exception if an alternative action can be taken to resolve the exception.

B. Create a custom unchecked exception if the action to resolve the exception cannot be defined.

C. Always log the specific exception before re-throwing a wrapped exception.

D. Always throw exceptions in methods that are designed for exception handling.

E. Always include information specific to the error when logging an exception.

Answer: ABE

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