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2016 Sep 1Z0-879 Study Guide Questions:

Q391. This file contains information used to drive the WAN Boot process. WAN Boot uses information contained in this file to determine file paths, encryption, signing policies, and other characteristics of the operating environment. 

Which file is it? 

A. sysidcfg 

B. wanboot-cgi 

C. bootlog-cgi 

D. wanboot.conf 

Answer: D 

Q392. A SPARC-based system has been rebooted, but no one can gain access to it. When investigating, the console shows this message: 

Which action can you take to get the system working again? 

A. boot -s B. boot -rs C. boot -ars 

D. boot /etc/path_to_inst 

Answer: C 

Q393. Given: 

# logins -x -l root, dev, test1 root 0 root 0 Super-User / /sbin/sh NP 082587 -1 -1 -1 dev 2000 bin 2 /usr/bin /sbin/sh LK 012504 -1 -1 -1 test1 1001 other 1 /export/home/test1 /bin/ksh PS 012505 -1 -1 -1 

A. The root user does NOT have a password. 

B. The test1 user was created earlier than dev. 

C. The password for test1 has expired. 

D. The test1 user does NOT have a password. 

E. The dev user has a locked account. 

Answer: A,E 

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Q394. Most files in the Solaris OS make use of data blocks. Which two do NOT use data blocks for storage? (Choose two.) 

A. Hard link 

B. Directory 

C. Device file 

D. Symbolic link 

Answer: A,C 

Q395. Every user's home directory is located in the /export/home file system as /export/home/<username>. The output from df -h shows the user's home file system filling up: 

Which command would display disk usage by user? 

A. du -h /export/home 

B. df -k /export/home/* 

C. ls -lR /export/home 

D. du -sh /export/home/* 

Answer: D 

Q396. This option, when used with the ifconfig command, makes the kernel communicate to the network interface and sets up the streams needed by IP to use the device. Which option is it? 

A. start B. plumb C. anycast 

D. broadcast 

Answer: B

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Q397. The print service under the control of SMF needs to be taken offline. Before the print service is taken offline, a check must be made to see what other services depend on this service. 

A. svcs -a 

B. svcs -v 

C. svcs -D 

D. svcs -X 

Answer: C 

Q398. On a Solaris 10 OS, you want to enable a sysiog message for all incoming inetd requests. Which command do you need to execute? 

A. inetadm —M tcp_trace=true 

B. inetadm —M tcp_wrappers=true 

C. edit /etc/inetd. conf and add a tcp wrapper to each enabled service 

D. edit /etc/init .d/inetsvc and add the -t option to the inetd invocation 

Answer: A 

Q399. The IT manager in your department tells you that Sun has released a patch that includes product enhancements for SunMC (Sun Management Center). Another system administrator might have already applied this patch, but the IT manager wants you to check the SunMC server to make sure it is applied. The patch number is 113106-01. Which two commands show if this patch has already been applied? (Choose two.) 

A. patchadd -G 113106-01 

B. patchadd -p | grep 113106-01 

C. patchchk 113106-01 

D. patchinfo -p | grep 113106-01 

E. showrev -p | grep 113106-01 

Answer: B,E 

Q400. A junior kernel engineer wants to test some modifications to a SPARC-based kernel. Which ok prompt command allows you to boot your workstation using the new kernel that the engineer has developed? 

A. boot -v 

B. boot -s 

C. boot -a 

D. boot -r 

Answer: C 

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