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Q11. A server technician in a datacenter configures a daemon to monitor the battery health in a UPS. Over a two day time period, the daemon generates a warning message. Which of the following represents the FIRST action that should be taken by the server technician?

A. Perform a test on the UPS batteries

B. Immediately replace the UPS batteries

C. Move the servers connected to the UPS to another existing UPS

D. Immediately replace the UPS with a new UPS

Answer: A

Q12. A database server stops responding to requests, and the administrator suspects that the server is experiencing memory faults during heavy network traffic and database access. Which of the following is the FIRST troubleshooting step?

A. Check the security log.

B. Check the application logs.

C. Check the debug report.

D. Check the POST error log.

Answer: B

Q13. A server administrator is notified that all three hard disks in a server array have failed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. Incompatible BIOS

B. Backplane failure

C. Cache battery failure

D. Incorrect firmware version

Answer: B

Q14. Which of the following is the MOST energy efficient way of powering equipment within a datacenter with a large UPS battery bank?

A. 48V DC

B. 120V single-phase

C. 240VAC 3-phase

D. 480V 3-phase

Answer: A

Q15. Which of the following troubleshooting methods would be performed after resolving an issue?

A. Verify system connectivity

B. Implement the solution

C. Document findings

D. Establish theory

Answer: C

Q16. Which of the following graphically depicts the movement of information within a system?

A. Site survey diagram

B. Dataflow diagram

C. Architectural diagram

D. Network diagram

Answer: B

Q17. A technician is upgrading the memory in a server. The server requires DDR3 Registered DIMMs. The server hasfourbanks ofthreeslots for memory and currently there is one 2GBmodule in each bank. When the technician attempts to add eight more 4GB modules of DDR3unbuffered ECC memory,the memory does notfit in the slots. Which of the following is thecause ofthis issue?

A. In a bank, 2GB and 4GB memory cannot be mixed.

B. The server cannot use ECC memory.

C. The server requires fully buffered memory.

D. The total memory on the server cannot exceed 24GB of RAM.

Answer: C

Q18. A technician is tasked with creating a test system containing non-critical data. The technician has limited hardware, but needs maximum performance. Which of the following RAID levels should the technician use?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 5

D. 10

Answer: A

Q19. A user changed departments from sales to accounting. The user is unable to access the shared network drive containing the accounting department's files. Which of the following

should a technician check?

A. File permissions

B. Folder redirections

C. Local group policy

D. Encryption type

Answer: A

Q20. Users on a network segment report that they are unable to connect to a newly installed file server. The file server IP address settings are as follows:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Which of the following changes should the server administrator make?

A. Change the IP address on the server to

B. Change the IP address on the server to

C. Change the default gateway on the server to

D. Change the subnet mask on the server to

Answer: B