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What does content delivery enable?

Answer: Content delivery allows you to convert PowerPoint, Word, Excel andAdobe PDF documents into optimized web pages for online viewing.


If you work with the same account team regularly, can you set updefaults to manage reusable settings?

Answer: Yes. You can set up a default account team. Your default account team will include the users that you normally work with on your accounts. You then have the option to automatically add your default account team to all of your accounts.

Q43. Who is most interested in seamless migration?

A. Sales Reps

B. Sales/Marketing Managers

C. Sales/Marketing VP


Answer: D

Q44. Your commit summary says you can bring in $1,000 this period butyou've just gotten a verbal approval on a deal for $500 from a CEO. What should you do?

A. Nothing. It's ok if the forecast is inaccurate

B. Override the opportunity and move the stage to commit, making the forecast more realistic

C. Override the forecast summary for your commit

Answer: B


What is the difference between Salesforce for Outlook and Connectfor Outlook?

Answer: Salesforce for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook integration applicationthat lets you log emails in Salesforce. You can sync contacts, events, and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce. Settings are stored inconfigurations in Salesforce. Connect for Microsoft Outlook is an add-in that allows you to interact with Salesforce from Outlook. Connect for Outlook adds buttons and options to your Outlookuser interface.

Q46. For optimal usability and adoption, a solution must do what. (Selectall that apply)

A. Provide value so users perceive it as a valuable spending of their time.

B. Be easy to use so users can easily enter data and find information.

C. Have trusted data.

D. Be inexpensive so users don't worry about the bottom line when using the application.

E. Provide both online help and hard copy reference materials toassist users at all times.

F. Be easy to change through a change ma

Answer: ABCF

Q47. The native mass email functionality is not recommended for marketing.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Q48. Which pair of reports is best associated with the business driver "Manage the Funnel" ?

A. "# of Face-to-Face Meetings" and "# of DealsWon, Lost, and In-Progress"

B. "Stage Duration Age" and "Forecastby Sales Rep"

C. "Closed Opportunities by Lead Source" and "Reasons for Lead Disqualification"

Answer: B

Q49. A strong pipeline requires trusted data. Which of the following example describes a need for trusted data?

A. Leads are qualified butnot routed to the right people

B. Campaigns are launched without communicating the follow-up plan

C. Leads are tracked in separate systems, not accessible by all

D. As business matures, it becomes difficult to identify right prospects

Answer: D

Q50. Sales methodology means an industry-recognized standard sales process.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B