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Q21. You recently implemented application firewall rules on an SRX device to act upon encrypted traffic. However, the encrypted traffic is not being correctly identified.

Which two actions will help the SRX device correctly identify the encrypted traffic? (Choose two.)

A. Enable heuristics to detect the encrypted traffic.

B. Disable the application system cache.

C. Use the junos:UNSPECIFIED-ENCRYPTED application signature.

D. Use the junos:SPECIFIED-ENCRYPTED application signature.

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: Reference:×44/topics/concept/encrypted-p2p-heuristics-detection.html

Q22. Click the Exhibit button.

— Exhibit–

— Exhibit —

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Packets may get fragmented.

B. The tunnel automatically fragments packets based on MTU discovery.

C. The Phase 2 association will never expire.

D. The Phase 2 association will expire without traffic.

Answer: A,D

Q23. Given the following session output:

Session ID., Policy namE.default-policy-00/2, StatE.Active, Timeout: 1794, Valid

In: 2001:660:1000:8c00::b/1053 –> 2001:660:1000:9002::aafe/80;tcp, IF.reth0.0, Pkts: 4,

Bytes: 574

Out: –>;tcp, IF.reth1.0, Pkts: 3, Bytes:

Which statement is correct about the security flow session output?

A. This session is about to expire.

B. NAT64 is used.

C. Proxy NDP is used for this session.

D. The IPv4 Web server runs services on TCP port 24770.

Answer: B


Reference :

Q24. Click the Exhibit button.

— Exhibit–

— Exhibit —

You must configure two SRX devices to enable bidirectional communications between the two networks shown in the exhibit. You have been allocated the and networks to use for this purpose.

Which configuration will accomplish this task?

A. Use an IPsec VPN to connect the two networks and hide the addresses from the Internet.

B. Using destination NAT, translate traffic destined to to Site1's addresses, and translate traffic destined to to Site2's addresses.

C. Using source NAT, translate traffic from Site1's addresses to, and translate traffic from Site2's addresses to

D. Using static NAT, translate traffic destined to to Site1's addresses, and translate traffic destined to to Site2's addresses.

Answer: D


To examine bidirectional communication you need multiple packet filters, one for each direction.


Q25. Click the Exhibit button.

— Exhibit — [edit security]

user@srx# show idp


application-ddos Webserver { service http;

connection-rate-threshold 1000; context http-get-url {

hit-rate-threshold 60000;

value-hit-rate-threshold 30000;

time-binding-count 10;

time-binding-period 25;



— Exhibit —

You are using AppDoS to protect your network against a bot attack, but noticed an approved application has falsely triggered the configured IDP action of drop. You adjusted your AppDoS configuration as shown in the exhibit. However, the approved traffic is still dropped.

What are two reasons for this behavior? (Choose two.)

A. The approved traffic results in 50,000 HTTP GET requests per minute.

B. The approved traffic results in 25 HTTP GET requests within 10 seconds from a single host.

C. The active IDP policy has not been defined in the security configuration.

D. The IDP action is still in effect due to the timeout configuration.

Answer: A,D

Explanation: Reference:

Q26. A branch SRX Series device in flow mode is forwarding between two virtual routers using a paired set of logical tunnel interfaces. You have a server connected to one virtual router and the client is on the other virtual router.

How many security policies are needed to connect from the client to the server across the logical tunnel link?

A. 0

B. 2

C. 3

D. 1

Answer: D

Q27. You are asked to apply individual upload and download bandwidth limits to YouTube traffic. Where in the configuration would you create the necessary bandwidth limits?

A. under the [edit security application-firewall] hierarchy

B. under the [edit security policies] hierarchy

C. under the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy

D. under the [edit firewall policer <policer-name>] hierarchy

Answer: D


Reference :

Q28. You are asked to provide access for an external VoIP server to VoIP phones in your network using private addresses. However, due to security concerns, the VoIP server should only be able to initiate connections to each phone once the phone has logged into the VoIP server. The VoIP server requires access to the phones using multiple ports.

Which type of persistent NAT is required?

A. any-remote-host

B. target-host

C. target-host-port

D. remote-host

Answer: B


Reference :

Q29. You want to route traffic between two newly created virtual routers without the use of logical systems using the configuration options on the SRX5800.

Which two methods of forwarding, between virtual routers, would you recommend? (Choose two.)

A. Use a static route to forward traffic across virtual routers using the next-table option. Enable the return route by using a RIB group.

B. Create static routes in each virtual router using thenext-tablecommand.

C. Use a RIB group to share the internal routing protocol routes from the master routing instance. 

D. Connect a direct cable between boo physical interfaces, one in each virtual router and use static routes with thenext-hopcommand.

Answer: B

Q30. For an SRX chassis cluster in transparent mode, which action occurs to signal a high availability failover to neighboring switches?

A. the SRX chassis cluster generates Spanning Tree messages

B. the SRX chassis cluster generates gratuitous ARPs

C. the SRX chassis cluster flaps the former active interfaces

D. the SRX chassis cluster uses IP address monitoring

Answer: C

Reference: x-Px98kZEi4hZvGflcoybABdMRQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=iMLzUcDSLcfRrQeQw4CYCA&ved=0CEAQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=flap&f=false