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Q61. You want to sync a new quote with its opportunity, but an old quoteis already syncing. What should you do first?

A. Open new quote detail page so you can start syncing process

B. Check the syncing checkbox for new quote in the quote related list on the opportunity

C. Uncheck the syncing checkbox for the old quote

D. Stop the syncingfor the old quote

Answer: D

Q62. Which method can be used to improve agent retention? Choose 2 answers:

A. Mix telephony interactions with email and chat

B. Extendbenefits to part-time agents

C. Provide additional training on tools and process

D. Allow shift trading between agents

Answer: BD

Q63. Who is most interested in the alignment of sales and marketing?

A. Sales Reps

B. Sales/Marketing Managers

C. Sales/Marketing VP


Answer: C

Q64. With Customizable Forecasting you can forecast any of the following data. (Select all that apply)

A. Quantity

B. Units of Individual Products

C. Units of Product Family

D. Amount

Answer: ACD


What are some best practices for managing lead data quality?

Answer: 1. Use data validation rules

2. Use de-deup practices to keep data clean

3. Implement lead conversion processes

4. Use tools such as web-to-lead to provide single entry point

5. Use tools such as importwizard or Data Loader to eliminate double entry


How do territories affect forecasts?

Answer: When you enable territory management for your organization, yourforecast data is derived from the opportunities that are associatedwith the accounts in your territories. Users will have a different forecast for each territory to which they are assigned.


How would you track campaign influence?

Answer: 1. Auto set influence of a campaign to an opportunity

2. Associate influential campaigns (to contact role) on oppty prior to close date 3.Measure influence timeframe (max #days between campaign first associated date and opty create date)

Q68. How can end users sync their data from Outlook (using Salesforce for Outlook)? (Select all that apply)

A. Using the sync system try icon and clicking sync now

B. Allowing sync to runregularly in the background

C. Setting up sync schedule in Salesforce

D. Setting up sync schedule inOutlook

Answer: AB

Q69. What can customers do in private Chatter groups?

Answer: Chatter customers can post to the groups to which they were invited.


What are two ways you can change grouping of data in a report?

Answer: 1. Use the 'Summarizesinformation by' in Report Options on the report page

2. Click the 'Customize' button on the Report page and select the 'Group by this Field' option