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Exam Name: Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
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Q141. What does the Reviewed Status indicate?

A. The recordhas minimal activity on

B. The record should be deleted from Salesforce

C. The record has been manually cleaned against

D. The record might have a bad phone number

Answer: C

Q142. Which of the following stage should be matched with the Forecast Category "Best Case"?

A. Early pipeline stages

B. Mid pipeline

C. Latepipeline stages

D. Closed and Won

E. Closed and Lost

Answer: B


What are some use cases for using Sites?

Answer: Create an event site; Advertise upcoming events, such as grand openings, launches, or sales kick-offs on a public event site

Promote new products—Launch new products into the market with a promotional website that helps drive sales

Publish a support FAQ—Provide helpful information on a public website where customers can view solutions to their issues

Create microsites and landing pages—Create temporary landing pages or targeted micro sites for marketing c

Q144. What is the benefit of a sandbox?

A. It allows for development, testing, and training

B. It extends Salesforce functionality

C. It builds new application functionality

D. It allows to createor change buttons, and dynamically route approvals

Answer: A

Q145. How can a sales organization address the "lag time" challenge?

A. By offering higher incentives to sales reps

B. By improving alignment with the marketing organization

C. By optimizing lead assignment and scoring

D. By avoiding the use of leads

Answer: C


What type of reports are useful if anorganizationwants to 'Managethe Funnel'?

Answer: 1. Stage Duration Age

2. Forecast by Sales Rep


Person accounts combine the functionality of accounts with the functionality of contacts. For example, you can:

Answer: Use contact fields and related lists on person account detail and edit pages Associate person accounts with tasks and events usingeither the Name or Related To fields

Send individual and mass emails to person accounts Invite person accounts to multi-person events

Add person accounts to campaigns Convert leads into person accounts

On cases, enter person accounts in the Account Namefield, the Contact Name field, or both

Add person accounts to the

Q148. Once you save a PDF quote, the file is automatically emailed to thecustomer.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


Import 100 leads/mo – need to preventdups.

A. Import using import wizard

B. Run script in external DB to identifydups.

C. Import leads & use global search to identifydups.

D. Export existing leads using a report & scrub prior to re-import

Answer: A


What can a user with a Chatter External User profile do?

Answer: The user can only log into Chatter and access groups they've been invited to and interact with members of those groups.