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2016 Oct 1Z0-532 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. The organization by period feature is used for what two purposes? 

A. Segregating rules by month and year 

B. Controlling when entities consolidate into specific parents 

C. Organizing the period dimension into multiple hierarchies 

D. Managing the ownership percentage of one entity by others 

E. Maintaining stored data values for changes in the Entity structure over time 

Answer: BE 

Q2. Into which Value dimension member can a journal be entered? 

A. [Parent Adjs] 

B. <Child Curr Adjs> 

C. [Entity Adjs] 

D. <Entity Currency> 

E. [USD] 

Answer: A 

Q3. In addition to Sub translate routine, which two application settings are also used for translate? 

A. DefaultRateForICPAccounts 

B. DefaultRateForBalanceAccounts 

C. DefaultRateForExpenseAccounts 

D. DefaultRateForFlowAccounts 

Answer: BD 

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Q4. To which dimension do custom dimensions provide additional detail? 

A. Accounts 

B. Entity 

C. Value 


E. Custom dimensions are independent of other dimensions. 

Answer: A 

Q5. What is the primary purpose of Extended Analytics in FM? 

A. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Essbase database 

B. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to a relational database 

C. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Excel pivot table 

D. Provides analytic capabilities directly against the Financial Management application 

Answer: A 

Q6. Identify the purpose of using task lists. 

A. To upload user “to do” items to FM with due dates and alert dates 

B. To organize and group related tasks into a navigational aid for users 

C. To create lists of members with VB script 

D. To list tasks to be executed by the FM Server 

E. To define the review path for consolidation review 

Answer: B 

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Q7. Assuming you are using version, right-click menus are available in 

A. Data grids only 

B. Data forms only 

C. Task lists only 

D. Data grids and Data forms 

E. Data grids, Data forms, and Task lists 

Answer: D 

Q8. What four steps are required to configure an FDM application with an FM application? 

A. Dimension names between FDM and FM are set in the FDM workbench or the Web client under metadata/dimensions. 

B. Define the FM application name in Integration Settings in FDM. 

C. Define the FM server name in machine profiles' properties. 

D. Map locations to an entity using the FDM workbench under Integration Settings. 

E. Define the FDM Web server name under Integration Settings in the FDM workbench. 

Answer: ABCD 

Q9. What are two effects of deploying an EPMA application? 

A. The EPMA metadata is extracted to a text file. 

B. If enabled, it pushes the data to Essbase via Essbase Analytic Link for FM. 

C. The EPMA application metadata is used to create an FM application on the FM server. 

D. The application is sent out to a star schema for use by Essbase and other products. 

E. When you redeploy an application, the application metadata is merged or replaced based on the changes made since the last deployment. 

Answer: CE 

Q10. For a classic application, what are the two valid methods to extract metadata to a text file? 

A. You can extract metadata using the EPMA file generator. 

B. Metadata can be extracted from within FM under extract tasks. 

C. Metadata can be extracted from within EPMA Dimension Library. 

D. Metadata can be extracted from the File > Export menu. 

E. Metadata can be extracted from an FDM application. 

Answer: AB 

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