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Q441. If you come across a sheepdip machaine at your client site, what would you infer? 

A. A sheepdip computer is used only for virus checking. 

B. A sheepdip computer is another name for honeypop. 

C. A sheepdip coordinates several honeypots. 

D. A sheepdip computer defers a denial of service attack. 

Answer: A

Explanation: Also known as a footbath, a sheepdip is the process of checking physical media, such as floppy disks or CD-ROMs, for viruses before they are used in a computer. Typically, a computer that sheepdips is used only for that process and nothing else and is isolated from the other computers, meaning it is not connected to the network. Most sheepdips use at least two different antivirus programs in order to increase effectiveness. 

Q442. This TCP flag instructs the sending system to transmit all buffered data immediately. 






Answer: C

Q443. Harold just got home from working at Henderson LLC where he works as an IT technician. He was able to get off early because they were not too busy. When he walks into his home office, he notices his teenage daughter on the computer, apparently chatting with someone online. As soon as she hears Harold enter the room, she closes all her windows and tries to act like she was playing a game. When Harold asks her what she was doing, she acts very nervous and does not give him a straight answer. Harold is very concerned because he does not want his daughter to fall victim to online predators and the sort. Harold doesn't necessarily want to install any programs that will restrict the sites his daughter goes to, because he doesn't want to alert her to his trying to figure out what she is doing. Harold wants to use some kind of program that will track her activities online, and send Harold an email of her activity once a day so he can see what she has been up to. What kind of software could Harold use to accomplish this? 

A. Install hardware Keylogger on her computer 

B. Install screen capturing Spyware on her computer 

C. Enable Remote Desktop on her computer 

D. Install VNC on her computer 

Answer: B

Q444. Bill has started to notice some slowness on his network when trying to update his company’s website while trying to access the website from the Internet. Bill asks the help desk manager if he has received any calls about slowness from the end users, but the help desk manager says that he has not. Bill receives a number of calls from customers that can’t access the company website and can’t purchase anything online. Bill logs on to a couple of this routers and notices that the logs shows network traffic is at all time high. He also notices that almost all the traffic is originating from a specific address. 

Bill decides to use Geotrace to find out where the suspect IP is originates from. The Geotrace utility runs a traceroute and finds that IP is coming from Panama. Bill knows that none of his customers are in Panama so he immediately thinks that his company is under a Denial of Service attack. Now Bill needs to find out more about the originating IP Address. 

What Internet registry should Bill look in to find the IP Address? 





Answer: A

Explanation: LACNIC is the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry that administers IP addresses, autonomous system numbers, reverse DNS, and other network resources for that region. 

Q445. Which of the following is an attack in which a secret value like a hash is captured and then reused at a later time to gain access to a system without ever decrypting or decoding the hash. 

A. Replay Attacks 

B. Brute Force Attacks 

C. Cryptography Attacks 

D. John the Ripper Attacks 

Answer: A

Explanation: A replay attack is a form of network attack in which a valid data transmission is maliciously or fraudulently repeated or delayed. This is carried out either by the originator or by an adversary who intercepts the data and retransmits it. 

Q446. John has performed a scan of the web server with NMAP but did not gather enough information to accurately identify which operating system is running on the remote host. How could you use a web server to help in identifying the OS that is being used? 

A. Telnet to an Open port and grab the banner 

B. Connect to the web server with an FTP client 

C. Connect to the web server with a browser and look at the web page 

D. Telnet to port 8080 on the web server and look at the default page code 


Explanation: Most Web servers politely identify themselves and the OS to anyone who asks. 

Q447. Maurine is working as a security consultant for Hinklemeir Associate. She has asked the Systems Administrator to create a group policy that would not allow null sessions on the network. The Systems Administrator is fresh out of college and has never heard of null sessions and does not know what they are used for. Maurine is trying to explain to the Systems Administrator that hackers will try to create a null session when footprinting the network. 

Why would an attacker try to create a null session with a computer on a network? 

A. Enumerate users shares 

B. Install a backdoor for later attacks 

C. Escalate his/her privileges on the target server 

D. To create a user with administrative privileges for later use 

Answer: A

Explanation: The Null Session is often referred to as the "Holy Grail" of Windows hacking. Listed as the number 5 windows vulnerability on the SANS/FBI Top 20 list, Null Sessions take advantage of flaws in the CIFS/SMB (Common Internet File System/Server Messaging Block) architecture. You can establish a Null Session with a Windows (NT/2000/XP) host by logging on with a null user name and password. Using these null connections allows you to gather the following information from the host: 

-List of users and groups 

-List of machines 

-List of shares 

-Users and host SID' (Security Identifiers) 

Topic 5, System Hacking 

177. If a token and 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) are used to access a computer system and the token performs off-line checking for the correct PIN, what type of attack is possible? 

A. Birthday 

B. Brute force 

C. Man-in-the-middle 

D. Smurf 

Answer: B

Explanation: Brute force attacks are performed with tools that cycle through many possible character, number, and symbol combinations to guess a password. Since the token allows offline checking of PIN, the cracker can keep trying PINS until it is cracked. 

Q448. Which of the following is the best way an attacker can passively learn about technologies used in an organization? 

A. By sending web bugs to key personnel 

B. By webcrawling the organization web site 

C. By searching regional newspapers and job databases for skill sets technology hires need to possess in the organization 

D. By performing a port scan on the organization's web site 

Answer: C

Explanation: Note: Sending web bugs, webcrawling their site and port scanning are considered "active" attacks, the question asks "passive" 

Q449. You have successfully run a buffer overflow attack against a default IIS installation running on a Windows 2000 Server. The server allows you to spawn a shell. In order to perform the actions you intend to do, you need elevated permission. You need to know what your current privileges are within the shell. Which of the following options would be your current privileges? 

A. Administrator 



D. Whatever account IIS was installed with 

Answer: C

Explanation: If you manage to get the system to start a shell for you, that shell will be running as LOCAL_SYSTEM.