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Q31. You have implemented 5-digit forced authorization codes to all international route patterns on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Your users report that after entering the FAC codes, they must wait for more than 10 seconds before the call is routed. 

Which procedure eliminates the wait time? 

A. Check and eliminate any existing route patterns that overlap with the international route pattern. 

B. Go to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Service Parameters and reduce the T-304 number to 5000 milliseconds. 

C. Request your long distance telephone service provider to reduce the call setup time to 5 seconds. 

D. Configure a # (hash) sign to the end of the forced authorization codes to signal the end of dialing. 

E. Educate the users to press # (hash) after entering the forced authorization codes. 


Q32. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many calls, inbound and outbound combined, are supported on the IP phone? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 8 

D. 12 

E. 50 


Q33. Which message-handling behavior describes how Cisco Unity Connection Single Inbox works for Outlook users who do not have ViewMail installed? 

A. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as emails without a WAV file attachment. 

B. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as voice messages. 

C. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as emails with a WAV file attachment. 

D. Cisco Unity Connection adds a Voice Outbox folder to the Outlook mailbox. 

E. Replies to Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are sent to Exchange as well as the Cisco Unity Connection mailbox for the recipient. 


Q34. Which system location is used for intercluster Enhanced Location CAC on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Hub_None 

B. Default 

C. Intercluster 

D. Phantom 

E. Shadow 


Q35. Which statement about a virtual SNR DN-configured Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express-enabled Cisco IOS router is true? 

A. Virtual SNR DN supports either SCCP or SIP IP phone DNs. 

B. A virtual SNR DN is a DN that is associated with multiple registered IP phones. 

C. Calls in progress can be pulled back from the phone that is associated with the virtual SNR DN. 

D. The SNR feature can only be invoked if the virtual SNR DN is associated with at least one registered IP phone. 

E. A call that arrived before a virtual SNR DN is associated with a registered phone, and still exists after association is made, but cannot be answered from the phone. 


Q36. What is the maximum length of any numeric geographic area address in ITU recommendation E.164? 

A. 15 

B. 18 

C. 21 

D. 22 

E. 25 


Q37. Which protocol does the Cisco Jabber client use, in conjunction with Cisco IM and Presence, to deliver enterprise-class instant messaging services? 







Q38. Which design restriction applies to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition clustering over the WAN deployment with extended round-trip times in Cisco Unified CM 9.1 and later releases? 

A. SIP and H.323 intercluster trunks are supported. 

B. Only SIP trunk is supported. 

C. SIP trunks and H.323 gateways are supported. 

D. A minimum of 1.544 Mb/s bandwidth is required for all traffic between any two nodes in the cluster. 

E. Only RSVP agents can be configured and registered to the SME cluster as media resources. 


Q39. In Cisco IOS routers, which chipset is the PVDM2-32 DSP hardware based on? 

A. C5441 

B. C549 

C. C5510 

D. C5421 

E. Broadcom 1500 


Q40. Which configuration component in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enhanced Location Call Admission Control is designated to participate directly in intercluster replication of location, links, and bandwidth allocation data? 

A. an active member of a Location Bandwidth Manager Group 

B. a member of a Location Bandwidth Manager Hub Group 

C. a standby member of a Location Bandwidth Manager Group 

D. all members of a Location Bandwidth Manager Group 

E. a shadow member of a Location Bandwidth Manager Hub Group