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Q31. Hierarchic escalation is BEST described as? 

A. Notifying more senior levels of management about an incident 

B. Passing an incident to people with a greater level of technical skill 

C. Using more senior specialists than necessary to resolve an Incident to maintain customer satisfaction 

D. Failing to meet the incident resolution times specified in a service level agreement 


Q32. What is a service delivered between two business units in the same organization known as? 

A. Strategic service 

B. Delivered service 

C. Internal service 

D. External service 


Q33. Which of the following is NOT an objective of service transition? 

A. To ensure that a service can be operated, managed and supported 

B. To provide training and certification in project management 

C. To provide quality knowledge and information about services and service assets 

D. To plan and manage the capacity and resource requirements to manage a release 


Q34. Which stage of the service lifecycle is MOST concerned with defining policies and objectives? 

A. Service design 

B. Service transition 

C. Continual service improvement 

D. Service operation 


Q35. The consideration of value creation is a principle of which stage of the service lifecycle? 

A. Continual service improvement 

B. Service strategy 

C. Service design 

D. Service transition 


Q36. Which process would maintain policies, standards and models for service transition activities and processes? 

A. Change management 

B. Capacity management 

C. Service transition planning and support 

D. Release management 


Q37. Why is it important for service providers to understand patterns of business activity (PBA)? 

A. PBA are based on organizational roles and responsibilities 

B. IT service providers CANNOT schedule changes until they understand PBA 

C. Demand for the services delivered by service providers are directly influenced by PBA 

D. Understanding PBA is the only way to enable accurate service level reporting 


Q38. Which of the following statements MOST correctly identifies the scope of design coordination activities? 

A. Only changes that introduce new services 

B. It is mandatory that all changes are subject to design coordination activity 

C. Only changes to business critical systems 

D. Any change that the organization believes could benefit 


Q39. Which of the following activities are performed by a desk? 

1. Logging details of incidents and service requests 

2. Providing first-line investigation and diagnosis 

3. Restoring service 

4. Implementing all standard changes 

A. All of the above 

B. 1, 2 and 3 only 

C. 2 and 4 only 

D. 3 and 4 only 


Q40. Which one of the following contains information that is passed to service transition to enable the implementation of a new service? 

A. A service option 

B. A service transition package (STP) 

C. A service design package (SDP) 

D. A service charter