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Q51. An administrator has configured three vCenter Servers and vRealize Orchestrator within a Platform Services Controller domain, and needs to grant a user privileges that span all environments. 

Which statement best describes how the administrator would accomplish this? 

A. Assign a Global Permission to the user. 

B. Assign a vCenter Permission to the user. 

C. Assign vsphere.local membership to the user. 

D. Assign an ESXi Permission to the user. 


Q52. Which two supported tools can be used to upgrade virtual machine hardware? (Choose two.) 

A. vSphere Web Client 

B. vSphere Update Manager 

C. vmware-vmupgrade.exe 

D. esxcli vm hardware upgrade 

Answer: A,B 

Q53. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is attempting to enable Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC), but receives the error shown in the Exhibit. 

Which condition would explain the error? 

A. The ESXi hosts are not licensed for EVC. 

B. The administrator does not have privileges to enable EVC. 

C. The ESXi host CPU has the Intel No-Execute feature disabled. 

D. The administrator has turned on Intel Virtualization Technology. 


Q54. An administrator needs to migrate a very large virtual machine to vCloud Air from a branch office. 

Which two components can be used to meet this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. vCloud Air Disaster Recovery 

B. Offline Data Transfer 

C. vCloud Connector 

D. Data Center Extensions 

Answer: B,C 

Q55. In a vSphere High Availability cluster, what is the VM Monitoring I/O stats interval default value? 

A. 60 seconds 

B. 90 seconds 

C. 120 seconds 

D. 180 seconds 


Q56. Which Advanced Setting should be created for the vCenter Server to change the expiration policy of the vpxuser password? 

A. VimPasswordExpirationInDays 

B. VimExpirationPasswordDays 

C. VimPassExpirationInDays 

D. VimPasswordRefreshDays 


Q57. An administrator notices that 8 out of 10 virtual machines have memory ballooning and swapping. However, virtual machine 9 is not ballooning or swapping and virtual machine 10 is not ballooning but is swapping. 

Which two statements explain the behavior of virtual machine 9 and virtual machine 10? (Choose two.) 

A. Virtual machine 9 has a 100% memory reservation. 

B. Virtual machine 10 has a memory limit configured. 

C. Virtual machine 9 has memory shares set to HIGH. 

D. Virtual machine 10 does not have VMware Tools enabled or installed. 

Answer: A,D 

Q58. Which group in the vsphere.local domain will have administrator privileges for the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA)? 

A. SolutionUsers 

B. CAAdmins 

C. DCAAdmins 

D. SystemConfiguration.Administrators 


Q59. An administrator notices that a Windows virtual machine is using 95% CPU in Task Manager. 

Which two actions should be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Increase the memory reservation of the virtual machine. 

B. Increase the CPU Shares on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides. 

C. Decrease the CPU reservation of the virtual machine. 

D. Increase the CPU limit on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides. 

Answer: B,D 

Q60. The command esxcli network vm list displays four virtual machines connected to the Production vSwitch. Within the vSphere Web Client, five virtual machines are seen. 

What explains this behavior? 

A. The fifth virtual machine is currently powered off. 

B. The fifth virtual machine has two vnics. 

C. The fifth virtual machine has an invalid IP address. 

D. The fifth virtual machine has an invalid MAC address.