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Q101. Which QoS mechanism uses PHBs? 

A. DiffServ 

B. IntServ 

C. CoS 

D. ToS 


Q102. An organization is deploying a new load balancing environment to support sensitive applications. The security requirements include discrete IP segments used for VIPs and for the application hosts. What load balancer mode meets the requirements? 

A. router 

B. bridge 

C. transparent 

D. pass-through 


Q103. Which unique characteristics of the Data Center Aggregation layer must be considered by an Enterprise Campus designer? 

A. Layer 3 routing between the Access and Aggregation layers facilitates the ability to span VLANs across multiple access switches, which is a requirement for many server virtualization and clustering technologies. 

B. "East-west" server-to-server traffic can travel between aggregation modules by way of the core, but backup and replication traffic typically remains within an aggregation module. 

C. Load balancing, firewall services, and other network services are commonly integrated by the use of service modules that are inserted in the aggregation switches. 

D. Virtualization tools allow a cost effective approach for redundancy in the network design by using two or four VDCs from the same physical switch. 


Q104. In base e-Commerce module designs, where should firewall perimeters be placed? 

A. core layer 

B. Internet boundary 

C. aggregation layer 

D. aggregation and core layers 

E. access and aggregation layers 


Q105. Which practice is recommended when designing scalable OSPF networks? 

A. Maximize the number of routers in an area. 

B. Minimize the number of ABRs. 

C. Minimize the number of areas supported by an ABR. 

D. Maximize the number of router adjacencies. 


Q106. Which two ways to manage scalability issues inside an IBGP domain with 20 or more routers are recommended? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure route reflectors. 

B. Use OSPF instead of EIGRP as an underlying routing protocol. 

C. Create a full mesh at Layer 1. 

D. Configure confederations. 

E. Configure static routes between all routers. 

Answer: A,D 

Q107. What are two advantages of using Cisco FEX devices in the data center design? (Choose two.) 

A. Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the Cisco FEX device. 

B. Cisco FEX devices must be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded. 

C. Traffic-forwarding decisions are made by the parent switch, resulting in easier troubleshooting and centralized management. 

D. Cisco FEX devices do not have to be upgraded when the parent switch is upgraded, resulting in cost savings. 

E. Cisco FEX devices can be part of two different VDCs. 

Answer: C,D 

Q108. Which two benefits are achieved if a network is designed properly with a structured addressing scheme? (Choose two.) 

A. efficient ACLs 

B. improved redundancy 

C. hardened security 

D. easier troubleshooting 

E. added resiliency 

Answer: A,D 

Q109. AutoQoS is used to implement VoIP in the enterprise, but the trust option is not configured on the interface. Which network management Cisco IOS capability classifies the voice traffic? 

A. NetFlow 





Q110. An engineer is attempting to improve OSPF network performance and discovers that the entire SPT recomputes.whenever a type 1 or type 2 LSA is received within an area. 

Which action can optimize SPT operations? 

A. Tune LSA throttling thresholds. 

B. Enable incremental SPF. 

C. Configure totally stubby areas throughout the domain. 

D. Summarize networks on all ABRs.