Up to date Cisco 642-747 – An Overview 11 to 20

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2016 Sep 642-747 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. A MAP currently has an AWPP parent route value of 100. What is the minimum value that is required for the MAP to change the preferred parent? 

A. 75 

B. 90 

C. 110 

D. 125 

Answer: D 

Q12. Which two issues may need to be considered when using DAS to support location-tracking services? (Choose two.) 

A. Third-party antennas may reduce RF cell size but provide location accuracy. 

B. Additional monitor-mode APs may be necessary to obtain desired location accuracy. 

C. Wi-Fi RF channel selection is critical when using DAS if multiple wireless services are supported in the same antenna group. 

D. Multiple connections are required into a common DAS for 802.11n support. 

E. Linear DAS deployment can reduce your location accuracy. 

Answer: B,E 

Q13. What is the recommended limit of indoor MAPs to one RAP? 

A. 2 

B. 4 

C. 8 

D. 10 

E. 12 

Answer: B 

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Up to date 642-747 exam topics:

Q14. An engineer has found that the many of the access points are going offline after 21:00 everyday, then recover the following morning at 7:00. What menu would lead the engineer to the resolution of this issue in WCS? 

A. Services – Synchronize Services 

B. Configure – Scheduled Configuration Tasks 

C. Configure – Access Points 

D. Services – Mobility Services 

Answer: B 

Q15. A network engineer has been asked to track guests' movements when they are on the guest SSID. What MSE feature should be implemented? 

A. Context Aware 

B. Adaptive wIPS 

C. Guest Tracking 

D. Spectrum Intelligence 

Answer: A 

Q16. An engineer is maintaining a wireless network with a large amount of RFID tags and notices the WLCs are reporting very high memory utilization. What value should the RFID timeout value be changed to from its default value to alleviate the memory utilization issues? 

A. 600 

B. 1200 

C. 7200 

D. 14400 

Answer: A 


Certified 642-747 free samples:

Q17. An engineer is having issues getting an AP to join the WLC at a remote office and suspects it may be a regulatory domain issue. What debug command can be used to verify this issue? 

A. debug capwap events enable 

B. debug aaa all enable 

C. debug dot11 mobile enable 

D. debug pem events enable 

E. debug dot11 mgmt msg 

Answer: A 

Q18. Upon boot, a Mesh AP attempts what two methods of discovering a controller? (Choose two.) 

A. If Ethernet is disconnected, it attempts to connect wirelessly using AWPP. 

B. If Ethernet is disconnected, it attempts to connect wirelessly using the configured DHCP option. 

C. If both Ethernet and wireless are available, it only attempts discovering via the Ethernet. 

D. If both Ethernet and wireless are available, it uses Ethernet first. If it cannot then it choose wireless. 

E. If only wireless is available and it is configured as a MAP, it does not attempt to connect to a WLC. 

Answer: A,D 

Q19. What is the maximum capacity of Cisco WCS Navigator when implemented with a Cisco Unified Wireless Network that is running version 7.0? 

A. 10 Cisco WCS servers with 20,000 APs 

B. 20 Cisco WCS servers with 20,000 APs 

C. 20 Cisco WCS servers with 30,000 APs 

D. 30 Cisco WCS servers with 30,000 APs 

Answer: C 

Q20. A pair of WLCs have been configured in a mobility group. The WLC reports that the control path is up, but the data path remains down. What two settings should the engineer check to remedy the issue? 

A. UDP ports 16666 and 16667 are open/allowed between the two controllers. 

B. UDP port 97 is open/allowed between the two controllers. 

C. The virtual interface IP is the same on both controllers. 

D. The service port IP is the same on both controllers. 

E. The controllers do not have the same RF network name 

F. The controllers have the same location name 

Answer: A 

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