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2016 Aug 646-365 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which two are good options for selling Cisco WAAS during a router refresh at branches? (Choose two.) 

A. In the frame of IT consolidation, vWAAS would be a good solution when deployed on Cisco ISR G2 at the branches. 

B. Application acceleration can be achieved by using WAAS Mobile on end devices and WAAS Server on Cisco ISR G2 at the branches. 

C. In order to optimize bandwidth, WAAS Express (running in Cisco ISR G2 IOS Software) is a cost-effective solution for branches. 

D. In order to optimize application performance, Cisco WAAS on Cisco SRE (in Cisco ISR G2) is a good solution for branches. 

Answer: CD 

Q32. Which two statements apply to a collaboration architecture that is integrated with Cisco SecureX? (Choose two.) 

A. Security services are available at the network level. 

B. Security services are available for collaboration appliances only. 

C. Security services are available for collaboration services. 

D. Security services are not available for client services. 

E. Cisco AnyConnect does not support secure connectivity to enable access to collaborative applications from mobile devices. 

Answer: AC 

Q33. What is the role of Cisco AnyConnect in a borderless network? 

A. Access control to switch ports is provided by Cisco AnyConnect. 

B. Cisco AnyConnect is a host intrusion prevention application with an integrated personal firewall. 

C. Cisco AnyConnect enables secure connectivity of authorized devices. 

D. Cisco AnyConnect filters malicious content from HTTP traffic. 

Answer: C 

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Q34. Which three are the most important business-driven considerations regarding networking equipment? (Choose three.) 

A. The network is a source of innovation and one of the most strategic assets. 

B. You should accept that networking innovation has ended. 

C. A next-generation network enables business benefits and customer engagement. 

D. The network has to support security and energy efficiency. 

E. Social networking and video services do not drive decisions on networking equipment. 

F. Virtualization and remote access solutions should be considered as a Software as a Service solution. 

Answer: ACD 

Q35. Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the network? 

A. Video applications rapidly increase the traffic within the network. 

B. In order to ensure business quality video, video traffic needs to be prioritized. 

C. Various devices with different capabilities need to be able to join video conferences. 

D. Video conferences reduce the network load by eliminating the need to exchange files over the network in order to share information. 

Answer: D 

Q36. Which of the following Cisco Catalyst switch families is typically deployed outside the wiring closet? 

A. Cisco Desktop Switches 

B. Cisco Compact Switches 

C. Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series 

D. Cisco Catalyst 2000 Series 

Answer: B 


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Q37. Which two of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a Cisco midmarket BYOD solution? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco wireless LAN controller 

B. Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch 

C. Cisco ASR 100 Series Router 

D. Cisco Aironet Access Point 

E. Cisco WAAS appliance 

Answer: AD

Q38. What are two driving factors for new security challenges? (Choose two.) 

A. increasing number of security patches distributed by operating system vendors 

B. increasing number of outdated encryption algorithms 

C. increasing number of attacks from inside the network 

D. increasing number of employee-owned devices accessing the corporate network 

E. adoption of virtualization and cloud services 

Answer: DE 

Q39. Which one of these actions is the best way to resolve security challenges in borderless networks? 

A. Update existing security products to the latest hardware and software versions. 

B. Identify the vulnerabilities of newly deployed services and protect them by the appropriate point device. 

C. Identify vulnerabilities of newly deployed entry points and deploy the appropriate security solutions at the corresponding network access point. 

D. Migrate to a more architectural approach to security. 

Answer: D 

Q40. Which three of these vendors are the strongest competitors to Cisco in the switching market? (Choose three.) 

A. Extreme Networks 


C. Juniper 

D. Riverbed Technology 

E. HP 

F. Brocade 

Answer: CEF 

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