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Exam Code: 1Z0-515 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Data Warehousing 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Dec 1Z0-515 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Your BI tool (for example, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Cognos) will be used to query an Oracle database that includes the Oracle BI tool generate in submitting queries that might include data stored in cubes?



C. Proprietary API code

D. SQL for relational and proprietary API code for OLAP

Answer: A

Q12. Identify the benefit of using interval partitioning.

A. Automatic creation of new partitions based on hash values

B. Automatic creation of new partitions based on the value of data being entered

C. Improved performance compared to range partitions

D. Automatic transfer of older partitions lower cost storage

Answer: B

Q13. What are two ways in which query performance can be improved with partitioning?

A. Partition pruning

B. Partition optimization

C. Partition compression

D. Partition-wise joins

Answer: AD

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Q14. You customer wants to segment their customers1 demographic data into those that use and do not use loyalty card. What would you recommend?

A. Use Oracle OLAP Option.

B. Use Oracle SQL Analytic Functions.

C. Use classification algorithm in Oracle Data Mining.

D. Use non-negative matrix factorization in Oracle Data Mining.

Answer: C

Q15. How can you implement near real time data integration with Oracle Data Integrator?

A. By accessing Change Data Capture records from logs

B. By using Exchange Partition

C. By mining Oracle UNDO segments

D. By reading operating system logs

Answer: A

Q16. The Analytic Workspace Manager would be used to generate_______.

A. Materialized views

B. Oracle OLAP Option cubes

C. Oracle Data Mining algorithms

D. Oracle SQL Analytic functions

Answer: B


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Q17. Which questions CANNOT be addressed by Oracle Data Mining?

A. Fraud detection

B. Prediction of customer behavior

C. Root cause de

D. Identify factors associated with a business problem

Answer: C

Q18. Knowledge Modules are:

A. Reusable code templates for Oracle Data Integrator

B. Prebuilt applications for Oracle Business Intelligence

C. Options for Oracle Enterprise Manager

D. Algorithms for data mining

Answer: A

Q19. Indentify the dimension that appears most often in queries in a data warehouse.

A. Product dimension

B. Time dimension

C. Cost dimension

D. Location dimension

Answer: B

Q20. For data warehousing, identify the benefits that would NOT be provided by the use of RAC.

A. Distribute workload across all the nodes.

B. Distribute workload to some of the nodes.

C. Provide parallel query servers.

D. Provide high availability for all the operations.

Answer: B

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