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Q1. What is the best way to resolve this issue? 

A. Install a publicity signed wildcard certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server 

B. Disable certificate checks on the client. 

C. Use the certificate authority on the Cisco identity services Engine. 

D. Install a publicly signed server certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server 


Q2. While troubleshooting a failed central web authentication configuration on cisco WLC you discover that the Cisco WLC policy manager state is showing RUN For new client and not CENTRAL_WEB_AUTH what is most likely the issue.? 

A. The WLAN Layer 2 security should be sent to WPA+WPA2 

B. The WLAN NAC state should be set to RADIUS NAC 

C. The web login page under the cisco WLC security should be set to external (redirect to external server) 

D. The WLAN layer 3 security should be set to web page policy with condition web redirect. 


Q3. Which two Characteristic of U-APSD are true ?(Chosse two) 

A. U-APSD is enabled automatically when WMM is enabled 

B. In addition to extending battery life, U-APSD increases the latency of the traffic flow delivered over the wireless media 

C. U-APSD is configured on the access point switch port and supports the Power over Ethernet feature D. (Unscheduled automatic power save delivery) U-APSD is a Qos facility defined in IEEE 802.11e that extends the battery life of mobile clients 

Answer: A, D 

Q4. Why would you enable the RFC 3578 option when adding a new RADIUS authentication server to a WLC? 

A. you want to run both RADIUS and TACACS 

B. to support Disconnect and Change of Authorization 

C. to encrypt communications between the WLC and the RADIUS server 

D. to support RADIUS key wrapping 



If you are configuring a new RADIUS authentication server, choose Enabled from the Support for RFC 3576 drop-down list to enable RFC 3576, which is an extension to the RADIUS protocol that allows dynamic changes to a user session, or choose Disabled to disable this feature. The default value is Enabled. RFC 3576 includes support for disconnecting users and changing authorizations applicable to a user session and supports disconnect and change-of-authorization (CoA) messages. Disconnect messages cause a user session to be terminated immediately where CoA messages modify session authorization attributes such as data filters. 

Q5. What happen if a new MAC address is learned on fast Ethernet 5/1? 

A. The port goes into error-disabled state 

B. The port switch state to administratively down 

C. The port forward traffic from the newly learned MAC 

D. The port remain up only traffic from the newly learned MAC is blocked 


Q6. Which option in the cisco identity service engine allows for authorization based on Active Directory user and domain computer login? 

A. Machine access restriction 

B. Active directory group 

C. Active directory attributes 

D. Identity source sequences 


Q7. Refer to the exhibit. 

A wireless user has roamed from an AP connected to MA 1to AP connected to MA 3the traffic flow for the user between roam is shown . Which option shows the traffic flow for the user after roam, considering default sticky anchoring is enabled on the WLAN? 

A. MA-3>Distribution switch>core>mc>distribution switch >MA-1 

B. MA-3>Distribution switch>MA-1distribution switch >core 

C. MA-3> Distribution switch>MA-2>Distribution switch >core 

D. MA-3> Distribution switch >ma -2> MA-l>Distribution switch>core 


Q8. Refer to the exhibit The wireless clients use VLAN 2150.the WLC Management is on VLAN 2149 and the lAPs use VLAN 2100 wireless clients report that they cannot access multicast routing enabled which two options must be enabled for the clients to receive multicast video? (Choose two) 


B. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2149 

C. ip igmp snooping 

D. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2150 

Answer: B, D 

Q9. DRAG DROP Drag and drop the RRM function on the left to the entity that performs the function on the right 




Q10. Drag and drop steps of the 802.1x authentication process on the left to the corresponding number on the right.