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Exam Code: 3203 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam
Certification Provider: Avaya
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2016 Jun 3203 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. For which three options does the Application Role use Dial rules? (Choose three.) 

A. Dial rules are not used by the application role; it is used by the storage role 

B. Reach Me 

C. Notify Me via text message 

D. Play on Phone 

E. Personal Attendant 

Answer:  BDE 

Q32. An end user has a completely functional mailbox but complains that when using Notify Me to phone is configured with a long distance number, calls are not received. The user is one of the groups of users with this problem. Other users can use long distance numbers for their Notify Me to Phone number successfully. Your testing reveals that the problem is exactly as described using the same long distance number; one user successfully uses Notify Me to Phone and a non working user cannot. What is causing the problem? 

A. The non working users class of service does not allow long distance dialing from the system. 

B. The non working users mailbox configuration is set to disallow long distance dialing from system. 

C. Dialing rules have been configured incorrectly for the system. 

D. The non working users do not have extensions that are configured in the switch. 

Answer:  A 

Q33. While configuring Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x for SIP Integration, we can provide a list of servers with which it can integrate. When the Messaging Server places an outgoing call, which server in the list would it use to send the call? 

A. the first Trusted Host server 

B. the same server which received the incoming request 

C. the first server that accepts the connection in the order listed on the Telephony integration screen 

D. The Server to which messaging has the shortest route 

Answer:  C 

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Updated practice test for 220-801:

Q34. To finalize the installation of your Avaya Aura Messaging system, you want to test alarm organization which screen in the System Management Interface do you send a test alarm? 

A. Messaging > Utilities 

B. Messaging > Diagnostics 

C. Server (maintenance) > Server Administration 

D. Server (maintenance) > Alarms 

Answer:  B 

Q35. A system administrator is concerned over the number of simultaneous SMTP sessions on their Messaging Server. Which report would show the administrator the maximum simultaneous SMTP sessions by hour? 

A. IMAP/SMTP Traffic report 

B. Internet Messaging report 

C. System Evaluation report 

D. SMTP Snapshot 

Answer:  A 

Q36. You are completing the initial configuration of the Avaya Aura Messaging system and have added the system postmaster mailbox under the User Management menu. When you continue adding user mailboxes, you are prompted that the system postmaster mailbox has not yet been configured. Which additional steps must you complete for the messaging system to recognize and accept the postmaster mailbox you have created? 

A. The postmaster mailbox must be entered twice into the system, once as a user mailbox and or as an information mailbox. 

B. The postmaster mailbox will not be recognized until the system is rebooted. 

C. The postmastermailboxnumberneeds to beentered and savedIn the Internet Postmaster Mailbox Number field under the Messaging System (Storage) > System Mailboxes menu. 

D. The postmaster mailbox needs to be created as a trusted server under the Server Settings (Storage) >Trusted Servers menu. 

Answer:  C 


Breathing comptia 220-801 and 220-802:

Q37. The installation of System Platform software has been completed on the Avaya server in preparation for the customer'sInstallationof Avaya Aura Messaging. You have obtained the Avaya Aura Messaging Template and are ready to download the template to the server. What are three possible locations from where you can download the software to the server'' (Choose Three.) 

A. The template files can be copied to an HTTP server and installed from there to the System Platform server using the URL information of the HTTP server. 

B. the template files are located on the Avaya Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS) Website; select the appropriate template for the site you are installing to download. 

C. The template files are located within the System Platform software on the hard drive of the system and can be loaded directly from that drive. 

D. The template files can be installed from a DVD in the DVD drive of the System Platform server. this may be a DVD that has been created from a previous download. 

E. The template files are located on the Avaya RFA (Remote Feature Activation) Web site; select appropriate template for the site you are installing to download. 

Answer:  ABD 

Q38. On whichcomponent is theWebLM server software installed on an Avaya Aura Messaging server? 

A. System Domain (Dom0) of the System Platform host 

B. Console Domain (cdom) of the System Platform host 

C. Messaging Template System Management Interface (SMI) 

D. WebLM isnot installedontheserverhardware; itIs aseparateserver in the customer’s network 

Answer:  B 

Q39. The customer wants to access their voicemail through their email client. They have set up then email client with an IMAP connection to their message store. You have verified the client configuration but no one can see their voicemail in the mailbox. What is a reason for this problem? 

A. Avaya Aura Messaging can only be accessed using the Microsoft Outlook form in Microsoft Exchange. 

B. The user's Class of Service does not allow access via IMAP. 

C. The IMAP port is being blocked by the firewall. 

D. The voicemails have been listened to via the telephone user interface (TUI) and will not show in their email boxes. Only new voice mail shows up in the email interface via IMAP. 

Answer:  B 

Q40. A user was unable to login yesterday but can login today.The user does not remember the exact details but may have received a timeout or an invalid password. If the user is unable to login again, which two actions should you perform to troubleshoot this situation? (Choose two.) 

A. Open the System Management Interface and navigate to Messaging Administration > Messaging System (Storage) > User Management and review the User properties. 

B. Open the System Management Interface and navigate to Messaging Administration > Messaging System (Storage) > UserActivityLog Configurationandensurethat Activity Log Enabled is set to yes. 

C. Open the System Management Interface and navigate to Diagnostics > Diagnostics (Application) and make a test call to that specific User. 

D. On the Administration menu, click Messaging > Logs > User Activity, and review the SubscriberActivity log for a specified timeframe. 

Answer:  BD 

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