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Q11. Which three features are supported by the Cisco Video Surveillance Encoding Server? (Choose three.) 

A. IP and analog cameras 

B. MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding 

C. archiving 

D. motion detection 

E. clustering 

F. virtual matrix 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q12. Which two of these support an ad-hoc conference call? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco TelePresence Multiway with Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit and Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server 

B. using the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Scheduler to schedule a conference call to start in 5 minutes 

C. using the Booking tab in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite to configure a new conference 

D. using the tab Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 

E. pressing the conference button on a Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 to conference in a third call 

Answer: A,E 

Q13. What is the optimum distance for a person sitting using the Cisco TelePresence System 500? 

A. the camera can adjust automatically 

B. 0.5 meters and 0.75 meters (1.5 and 2.5 feet) 

C. 1.2 meters and 1.8 meters (4 and 6 feet) 

D. 3.0 and 5.0 meters (10 and 15 feet) 


Q14. Management would like to set up a permanent recurring Cisco TelePresence meeting where the team would dial into to a preconfigured number. Which meeting type should be used? 

A. scheduled conference 

B. ad hoc conference 

C. rendezvous conference 

D. multiway conference 


Q15. Refer to the exhibit. 

Under which tab can the registration status for the endpoint be found? 

A. Diagnostics 

B. Configuration 

C. Call Control 

D. Maintenance 


Q16. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which system tab can be used to add video infrastructure devices and endpoints? 

A. Navigator 

B. System Overview 

C. Configuration Templates 

D. Provisioning 

E. Administrative Tools 


Q17. The user of a Cisco TelePresence MX300 wants to control the far-end camera of any video conference participant. Which control device and function is used to control the far-end camera? 

A. Navigate using the TRC5 Remote Control arrow keys. 

B. Tap on the image of one of the participants using touch control. 

C. Use the Touch Control Conference functions. 

D. Use the TRC5 Remote Control home key. 


Q18. Which two methods can be used to set the default call protocol of a Cisco TelePresence endpoint running TelePresence codec firmware? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the GUI and set System > H.323 > Settings > Default Call Protocol > H.323. 

B. Use the CLI command xConfiguration Conference 1 DefaultCall Protocol: H323. 

C. Use the CLI command Conference Default Protocol: H323. 

D. Use the CLI command Default Protocol: H323. 

E. Use the GUI and set Configuration > System Configuration > Conference > DefaultCall > 


Answer: B,E 

Q19. A large company wants to procure video conference devices that allow multipoint conferences from C-Series and immersive endpoints that are registered to a Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which two components meet the requirements of this company? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch registered to Cisco VCS 

B. Cisco C-Series endpoint with a multisite option key registered to Cisco VCS 

C. Cisco TelePresence Server registered to Cisco VCS 

D. Cisco C-Series endpoint with a multisite option key registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

E. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch trunked to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

Answer: C,E 

Q20. What is the importance of defining option 150 in the DHCP server for Cisco TelePresence endpoints? 

A. Option 150 is not important. 

B. It is the TFTP server IPv4 address where the video endpoint retrieves its configuration file while booting. 

C. It is the IPv4 address of the default gateway for the subnet that the video endpoint is connected to. 

D. It is the configured SIP registrar and proxy server. 

E. It is the unique NTP server IPv4 address.