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2016 Jun C2040-410 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. Peter is writing a Java agent for his application that will need to read data from a text file on the server. How can Peter accomplish this task? 

A. Use the Session class createFile method and use the File class methods to get the data from the file. 

B. Use the Session class Open method and use the standard Java IO methods to get the data from the file. 

C. Use the Session class createStream method and use the Stream class methods to get the data from the file. 

D. Use the Session class getDatabse method, supply the name of the file instead of a database name, and use the Database class methods toread the file. 

Answer: C 

Q62. What are the three different parts of the managed bean in the faces-config.xml file? (Choose three.) 

A. Bean class 

B. Bean name 

C. Bean scope 

D. Bean location 

E. Bean property 

F. Bean var name 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q63. James is using the simple action "Send mail message" in a button. Which statement describes a limitation when using this simple action? 

A. The Body field accepts only plain text. 

B. The Body field accepts only text and graphics. 

C. The Body field accepts only text and attachments. 

D. The Body field accepts both plain and styled text, but not graphics. 

Answer: A 

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Q64. Which server-side JavaScript statement will return the user to the xHome.xsp XPage? 

A. window.location("xHome.xsp") 

B. session.openPage("xHome.xsp") 

C. facesContext.redirectToHome() 

D. context.redirectToPage("xHome.xsp") 

Answer: D 

Q65. Which control should Larry add to the left column area of an Application Layout to provide a menu selection interface that uses the "lotusSelected" style class to indicate that a menu choice was selected? 

A. <xe:outline> 

B. <xe:accordion> 

C. <xe:navigator> 

D. <xe:selectMenu> 

Answer: C 

Q66. Which statement is true when developing an XPage in IBM Domino Designer? 

A. The XPages XML syntax is called XSP markup. 

B. The Source View depicts an HTML representation of the XPage. 

C. XPages controls cannot be added to the XPage through the Source View. 

D. Use of standard HTML tags like <div> and <script> are not permitted. 

Answer: A 


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Q67. What are three valid input objects for the NotesXMLProcessor class? (Choose three.) 

A. NotesView 

B. NotesForm 

C. NotesStream 

D. NotesDXLImporter 

E. NotesDXLExporter 

F. NotesRichTextItem 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q68. Gary is writing a view selection formula to only display documents which have a Status field value of "Complete". Which formula will display the correct documents? 


B. SELECT Status = "Complete" 

C. @If(Status = "Complete";View.Include) 

D. If Status.Value = "Complete" Then View.Select 

Answer: B 

Q69. Linda would like to call an existing IBM LotusScript agent via an XPage. The agent will update a value on the XPage it was called from. Which is the correct way to call the agent to allow an update? 

A. xsp.run 

B. agent.run 

C. xsp.runWithDocumentContext 

D. agent.runWithDocumentContext 

Answer: D 

Q70. Twill is using the NotesDXLImporter class to import a text file containing the DXL for an IBM LotusScript agent that she would like to use in her application. However, the agent is not appearing after the import. Why? 

A. She needs to set the AgentImportOption property to something other than its default value. 

B. She needs to set the CompileLotusScript property to something other than its default value. 

C. She needs to set the DesignImportOption property to something other than its default value. 

D. She needs to set the DocumentImportOption property to something other than its default value. 

Answer: C 

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