Updated Cisco 210-065 – An Overview 21 to 30

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Q21. To which Ethernet port on a Cisco TelePresence System (500/1×00/1300/3xx0) endpoint would a technician need to connect to manually assign a static IP address for first-time setup? 

A. IP phone port 

B. network port 

C. camera port 

D. auxiliary network port 


Q22. Which three features are supported by Cisco TMSPE? (Choose three.) 

A. Simplified provisioning 

B. LDAP user import 

C. Scheduling via Microsoft Outlook 

D. FindMe E. Jabber for Windows 

F. Automatic endpoint upgrades 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q23. Refer to the exhibit. 

An administrator is attempting to register a Cisco TelePresence endpoint to a Cisco VCS. 

The Cisco VCS uses local authentication and a single username for all endpoints. Where is the first place that the administrator should go to resolve the issue? 

A. VCS > Configuration > Authentication > Devices > Local Database 

B. Endpoint > Configuration > System Configuration > Profile 1 > Authentication 

C. VCS > Configuration > Authentication > Outbound Connection Credentials 

D. Endpoint > Configuration > System Configuration > SIP > Profile 1 > Authentication 1 

E. VCS > Configuration > Registration > Allow List 

F. VCS > Configuration > Registration > Deny List 


Q24. A network engineer wants to quickly view any issues that may exist for a newly deployed Cisco TelePresence SX20 codec. To which location in the codec web GUI should the engineer navigate to find this information? 

A. Diagnostics > Alerts 

B. Diagnostics > Troubleshooting 

C. Configuration > System Status 

D. Configuration > Security 


Q25. When connecting to a pan-tilt-zoom camera to a C-Series codec, what type of cable must be used for camera control? 

A. an Ethernet crossover cable (RJ45-to-RJ45) 

B. an Ethernet cable (RJ45-to-RJ45) 

C. a serial cable (DB25-to-DB9) 

D. a VISCA cable (DB9-to-RJ45) 


Q26. Refer to the exhibit. 

Management would like to find out when a particular multipoint control unit feature was enabled and who enabled it. Which menu option is the most appropriate when searching for that information? 

A. Event Display Filter 

B. Audit Log 

C. Event Log 

D. Syslog 


Q27. An engineer is creating a system backup on a Cisco VCS. Which two options describe characteristics of Cisco VCS backups? (Choose two.) 

A. The backup can be sent to the remote SFTP server. 

B. The backup can be encrypted with a password. 

C. The backup can be sent to additional servers in the cluster. 

D. The backup is valid for 30 days. 

E. The backup is stored in Cisco TMS. 

F. The backup is only downloadable locally. 

Answer: B,F 

Q28. A network engineer is setting up a Cisco TelePresence Content Server. The customer requires live streaming, but does not have a streaming server. Which media should be configured to stream locally from the TelePresence Content Server? 

A. QuickTime 

B. MPEG-4 

C. Flash 

D. Windows Media 

E. Darwin 


Q29. An engineer is configuring a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint for use with a maximum of six people in the room. Which table type should be configured when setting up cameras where two participants directly face the endpoint display? 

A. short racetrack 

B. long racetrack 

C. short rectangle 

D. long rectangle 


Q30. A technician is trying to troubleshoot real-time call information from the CLI of a VCS. Which command should the technician enter? 

A. xstatus 

B. xconfiguration 

C. xfeedback 

D. xhistory 

E. xcommand