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Q121. Which process is responsible for providing the rights to use an IT service? 

A. Incident management 

B. Access management 

C. Change management 

D. Request fulfillment 


Q122. Which one of the following is NOT an aim of the change management process? 

A. To ensure the impact of changes are understood 

B. To ensure that changes are recorded and evaluated 

C. To ensure that all changes to configuration items (CIs) are recorded in the configuration management system (CMS) 

D. To deliver and manage IT services at agreed levels to business users 


Q123. Which of the following statements MOST correctly identifies the scope of design coordination activities? 

A. Only changes that introduce new services are included 

B. All changes are mandated to be included 

C. Only changes to business critical systems are included 

D. Any changes that would benefit the organization are included 


Q124. Which is the correct definition of a customer facing service? 

A. One which directly supports the business processes of customers 

B. A service that cannot be allowed to fail 

C. One which is not covered by a service level agreement 

D. A service not directly used by the business 


Q125. Why are public frameworks, such as 1TIL, attractive when compared to proprietary knowledge? 

A. Proprietary knowledge may be difficult to adopt, replicate or transfer since it is often undocumented 

B. Public frameworks are always cheaper to adopt 

C. Public frameworks are prescriptive and tell you exactly what to do 

D. Proprietary knowledge has been tested in a wide range of environments 


Q126. In which of the following should details of a workaround be documented? 

A. The service level agreement (SLA) 

B. The problem record 

C. The availability management information system 

D. The IT service plan 


Q127. Which of the following processes contributes MOST to quantifying the financial value of IT services to the business? 

A. Service level management 

B. Financial management 

C. Demand management 

D. Risk management 


Q128. Within service design, what is the key output handed over to service transition? 

A. Measurement, methods and metrics 

B. Service design package 

C. Service portfolio design 

D. Process definitions 


Q129. Which of the following is MOST concerned with the design of new or changed services? 

A. Change management 

B. Service transition 

C. Service strategy 

D. Service design 


Q130. Looking for ways to improve process efficiency and cost effectiveness is a purpose of which part of the service lifecycle? 

A. Service operation 

B. Service transition 

C. Continual service improvement 

D. Service strategy