vcp550 practice : Jun 2016 Edition

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2016 Jun 010-111 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which of the following is NOT true regarding a properly administered informed consent form? 

A. It provides an explanation of all procedures to be performed. 

B. It releases the facility and personnel from liability. 

C. It provides an opportunity for inquiries. 

D. It encourages and implies confidentiality. 

Answer: B

Q12. Type II muscle fibers: 

A. Have a high capacity to generate energy through the electron transport system. 

B. Have a high capacity to generate energy from fat. 

C. Are recruited at a higher percentage of maximum force than Type I fibers. 

D. Have high endurance capabilities. 

Answer: C

Q13. According to the Food Guide Pyramid, how should fats and oils be used in the diet? 

A. Sparingly 

B. Equal the daily intake of protein 

C. Be consumed only with breakfast 

D. Should make up at least 30% of each meal 

Answer: A

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Far out vcp550 study guide:

Q14. Which of the following indicate the appropriate height range for performing depth jump training effectively and safely? 

A. 16 to 42 inches (41 to 107 cm) 

B. 24 to 48 inches (61 to 122 cm) 

C. 32 to 60 inches (81 to 152 cm) 

D. 40 to 60 inches (102 to 152 cm) 

Answer: A

Q15. Your client is wearing a heart rate monitor while performing a 1.5 mile run to assess aerobic capacity. During the test, your client reaches 85% of her age-predicted heart rate maximum. With this information, you should _____. 

A. continue the test until she reaches 100% of her age-predicted heart rate maximum 

B. terminate the test for safety purposes 

C. continue the test if there is otherwise no reason to believe that the client has reached aerobic capacity 

D. terminate the test if you continue to observe a steady increase in heart rate with increasing workload 

Answer: C

Q16. What position should women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy avoid when performing exercise? 

A. Prone 

B. Supine 

C. On their side 

D. On all fours (hands and knees) 

Answer: B

Approved vcp550 test questions:

Q17. When doing a push-up on the floor, the motion at the elbow joint during the down phase is called ________ and the type of muscle action is called ________. 

A. extension, eccentric 

B. flexion, eccentric 

C. flexion, concentric 

D. extension, concentric 

Answer: B

Q18. Which cardiovascular training approach, if repeated frequently, is most likely going to lead to overtraining? 

A. One intensive day followed by three easy days. 

B. One long day followed by three shorter duration days. 

C. Two consecutive intensive days, followed by one easy day. 

D. A medium intensive day followed by two easy days. 

Answer: C

Q19. Of the nine possible skinfold sites, which three sites are measured on a diagonal fold? 

A. Chest, subscapular, medial calf 

B. Midaxillary, suprailiac, chest 

C. Chest, subscapular, suprailiac 

D. Midaxillary, subscapular, suprailiac 

Answer: C

Q20. Why is a cool-down period important? 

A. Prevents heat stroke 

B. Helps prevent injuries 

C. Reduces brain blood flow back to normal 

D. Returns pooled blood back to central circulation 

Answer: D

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